Politics, life, etc in English, Russian, Ukrainian, etc

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Politics, life, etc. in English, Russian, Ukrainian, etc.

9March 2005:
Dear Sir/Madam,
My current Australian student visa expires on March 15, 2005. If this visa is valid, I must leave Ukraine and go to Australia today or during the next few days (I have not even booked ticket yet, I have not packed, have not prepared my departure from Ukraine to Australia yet, etc.). I have not received anything significant from You yet. Perhaps this is because I am having problems with proper access to the Internet and to E-mail. So please call me by phone imediately or as soon as possible and courier appropriate documents to my postal address, and E-mail me to all my E-mail addresses. I cannot continue my research in physics in Ukraine bacause of lack of academic literature, proper academic supervision, other resources, etc.
Пожалуйста срочно решите все вопросы с моими документами (визами и т.д.) в соответствии с законодательством. Моя австралийская студенческая виза заканчивается 15 марта 2005 года. Я сейчас нахожусь в Украине (город Днепропетровск). Все мои контактные данные приведены ниже.
Please investigate my aligations of corruption of Professor William Ascher (Bill Ascher), Francis Lethem, Corinne Krupp (E-mail: Corinne.Krupp@duke.edu), Natalia Mirovitskaya (E-mail: nataliam@duke.edu), Malcolm Leggett, Stephanie Lamm, Karla Havard, Susah Elinoff, David Usupashvili, Kartlos Gviniashvili, Natalia Shcherbakova, Jonathan Abels, etc. Some of whom probably perpetrated fraud with my academic records, ilegally used psychological and/or physical violence against me, etc. An official for academic ethics at Duke University said that despite all my grades (marks) at Duke University were only excellent and good, Professor William Ascher, Francis Lethem, Malcolm Leggett, etc. can kick me out from Duke University if they think that I will not be able to continue my studies at Duke University. Stephanie Lamm, who is probably wife of Malcolm Leggett not only did not help me but also thretened to remove me from International House mailing list of Duke University. Karla Havard, who was in administration at Duke University in August of 1999 (and may be still there) asked me whether I want to become a refugee in the USA when I have told her about my problems with Professor William Ascher, Francis Lethem, Malcolm Leggett, etc., she did not even try to help me. An official in International Office of Duke University probably was afraid even to try to help me (perhaps Professor William Ascher, Francis Lethem, Malcolm Leggett, etc. intimidated her).
I am trying to show how some people communicated with me. I had conflict with Kartlos Gviniashvili who borrowed money from me and refused to reimbuse, I complained to Francis Lethem and Malcolm Leggett. I have E-mailed to some students at Duke University describling this my conflict with Kartlos Gviniashvili. Later Susan Elinoff has demanded to tell these people that I was wrong, I have refused to do that. Bellow is my correspondence with some people from International Development Research at the Institute of Public Policy, Duke University, Durham city, the USA (They call me Misha):
From: kgviniashvili@worldbank.org
To: Mikhailo Marchenko
CC: Malcolm Leggett , Hanh4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu, Himes4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu, Thompso4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu, Fowler4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu, Belous4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu, Yy11@Duke.Edu,
Atanesy4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu, Izar4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu, Paulovi4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu,
Kostany4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu, Chuluun4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu, Bekhbat4@Pps.Pubpol.Duke.Edu,
Natalias727@Hotmail.Com, Shcherb4@Pps.Duke.Edu, Elinoff@Pps.Duke.Edu
Subject: Re: I apologize
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 12:30:52 -0400
Misha, you missed the point once again (purposefully). You understand very well
what you are expected to apologise for.
I do not own you anything untill the time when we should pay appartment rent for
July. The amount is about $187. Sometimes you did not pay your share of the
appartment rent for couple of weeks and the amount was higher ($271) but I did
not say anything. Moreover, you have not paid me for utilities since March.
I want also to inform evreyone that I was going to pay you much more than the
above mentioned amount (which we calculated with Malcolm). You may recall me
saying in Malcolm''s presance: "Misha, stop this (business of making money on me)
and be happy what you are offered, otherwise you will have to be happy with much
Perhaps It was my fault. I was too kind to you even though you did not deserve
I was not going to send this message as I know who I am and I know what I did
was correct. But I had to do it as some people may not know me well and I do not
want them to have wrong impressions.
I suggest you to show the text of YOUR APOLOGGIES TO ME FOR YOUR BEHAVIOR during
the whole year (I will not go into details as I do not want to spoil the mood of
the respondents) to Susan or Malcolm or to me before sending it to everybody.
I will send you the check after you apologise. (I am still very kind. I can make
you pay me for moral damage)
PS. My regards to everyone and apologeis for bothering.

From: nshcherbakova@worldbank.org
To: m_marchenko@hotmail.com, hanh4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu, himes4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu, thompso4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu,
fowler4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu, belous4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu, yy11@duke.edu, atanesy4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu,
izar4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu, paulovi4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu, kostany4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu, chuluun4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu,
bekhbat4@pps.pubpol.duke.edu, shcherb4@pps.duke.edu, ELINOFF@pps.duke.edu, kgviniashvili@worldbank.org Save Addresses
CC: Leggett@pps.duke.edu
Subject: Re: I apologise
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 13:52:15 -0400
Hello, everybody:
Let me share with you my advice to Misha that he wanted to have from his
colleagues. I think I should give him advice
as Misha is my countryman.
Misha, you should apologise to Kartlos and to everybody for blackening
Kartlos''s reputation.
Let the people know that you were rommates and Kartlos borrowed the money from
you, which he used to pay rent
and utilities for the apartment that you rented together (to pay the shares of
both of you).You knew that Kartlos did not
received the stipend from his sponsors that time, and that he was going to
return you his share of payment after receiving
the check from sponsors. Couldn''t you wait for that time and be calm, not
shouting about Kartlos''s debt to everybody?
As far as I know, Kartlos even proposed you to use his credit card for your
purchases in case of need.
In fact, Kartlos was doing you a favour as a roommate when paying himself
largest part of utilities (roommates usually
pay equal shares, as you know).Besides,you were not a very good roomate as you
did not take much care about
sanitary conditions of your part of the apartment. I also know that Kartlos
helped you much with other things, such as
studying, but he never indicated it to fellows or professors.
I think that considering all good things that Kartlos did for you you should
understand his financial situation and wait
for him receiving his stipend and returning you his part of rent payment.
I do not see any reasons for a civilised man to send your colleagues
discrediting information about his roomate.
I know Kartlos as an honest and sincere guy and I am sure he always returns his
debts (if he has ever).
You should apologize to Kartlos and everybody immediately.
My second advice to you, Misha, is to change your behavior and your way of life
for more civilised style. I do not want
people from other countries to think that Ukrainians are wild and bad brought.
Your behavior covers with shame the
image of Ukrainians at Duke University.
It is our (your and mine) responsibility to represent our country in student
society here. Remember, that we are from
Ukraine , and our newly independent country is in the process of establishing
its international image.
I hope you will understand my message and draw right conclusions followed by
appropriate actions.
All the best,,
Natalia Shcherbakova

From: "Francis Lethem"
To: m_marchenko@hotmail.com
CC: LEGGETT.PPS.AS.Acad.University@pps.pubpol.duke.edu
Subject: Please cool down
Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 18:00:18 -500
Misha :
All communities have their rules. An important one here is to
maintain harmony. Malcolm asked you politely to stop sending
aggravating e-mail messages to the above distribution list or any
other distribution list. If you cannot understand why and are unable
to restrain yourself, I will request the University to take away your e-
mail privileges.
Francis Lethem
After that in about June or July of 1999 the representative of my sponsor (ACTR (www.ACTR.org)), Susan Farier demanded from me to visit counselor (psychologist) several times as a condition of continuing my studies at Duke University. I was dealing with a psychologist (she called herself Monica, she looked like she was about 25 year-old black woman) at Duke University. She asked me whether I was drinking a lot of sodas (Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, etc.) She probably meant that drinking sodas could influence my behavior. I did drink a lot of sodas at that time but I doubt that this could influence my behavior (I would like to ask psychologists, psychiatrist, neuro-science experts, etc. to express their opinion on whether it is possible that sodas can influence my behavior significantly).
Why did New Zealand Immigration (www.immigration.govt.nz) considered my job offer from AUT (www.aut.ac.nz) to me for such a log time (for about 3 months) while usually it probably takes about 1 month?
Молодая женщина Оля, которая ходит со мной в одну церковь на пр. Карла Маркса, 47, у которой видимо либо психическое заболевание, либо врожденное слабоумие, или возможно что-либо в этом роде, узнав о моих проблемах с милицией, службами безопасности, охраны и т.д., как только увидит милицию (милицейскую машину и т.д.), сразу убегает и прячется.
Моя мама в своих молитвах упоминает Вадима Пироженко (мужа моей сестры Александры), как заблудшего и видимо считает его и его родителей негодяями. Моя мама считает, что Вадим Пироженко пытается нанести мне максимальный ущерб. Я пока не понял, почему моя мама так считает, возможно из-за того, что моя мама психически больна от действий спец-служб или по каким-либо другим причинам. Возможно моя мама в чем-то права, но даже если она во всем права, то ведь и я, и она сама ничем не лучше Вадима и других людей, особенно с точки зрения Библии, Христианства, согласно которым все люди грешны и не могут искупить свою вину перед Богом своими действиями.
Видимо обрезание мужчин имеет одной из целей снижение половой потребности, чтобы мужчина был более ориентирован на достижение отличных от половых целей (борьба за власть и т.д.)
Примерно в 2001 году в УТС (UTS (www.uts.edu.au)) я видел результат попытки ученых максимально точно восстановить выражение лица Иисуса Христа, если они восстановили достаточно точно, то я внешне похож на Иисуса Христа. Если это так, то что это может означать?
Согласно передаче Национального Радио Украины, жизненные ценности Леси Украинки очень похожи на мои. Мне бы ее мужество и талант.
Одна из основных проблем Украины и всего мира состоит в том, что интеллигенция (интеллектуалы) продажны, трусливы, и т.д., они отстаивают интересы правящей элиты, а не интересы народа.
Мне нужно, чтобы меня кастрировали или что-то в этом роде, чтобы уменьшить мои половые потребности, а то он мне мешают бороться за справедливость.
Такое впечатление, что кто-то похитил часть моих документов: это письма от Мэри-Энн (Mary-Ann) (с признанием мне в любви и предложением создать семью) и Моники Булен (Monica Bulen) (с ее фотографией и поздравлениями с Рождеством), контактные данные многих людей в Австралии и т.д. Ранее моя мама выбросила мое психотропное лекарство, респеридон, возможно моя мама забрала и эти мои документы.
В Кировском районном отделении милиции г. Днепропетровска по крайней мере одна из женщин ругалась нецензурной бранью (было это примерно в конце февраля- начале марта 2005 года).
Я часто выхожу на улицы с плакатами анти-правительственного, анти-американского, анти-западного и т.д. содержания: NATO=NAZI, Bush=Terror, Shame, Cannibals , etc.
Я пытаюсь исследовать что делает людей счастливыми, я нашел много литературы и вэб-сайтов по этому вопросу. В частности, пирамида потребностей Маслоу (Маслова) видимо отражает структуру счастья человека.
Physics: Does Michael Murphy and other researches use standard methods of mathematical statistics to process the results of calculations in which I have participated?
Пожалуйста, прокомментируйте следующий план моей работы и выскажите предложения по его улучшению.
План работ по созданию и продвижению на рынке интеллектуальной продукции вэб-сайта ИГТМ:
1. Опрос потенциальных объектов воздействия (бизнесменов, ученых, студентов, гос. служащих, родителей, педагогов и т.д.)
2. Анализ аналогичных вэб-сайтов и сбор предложений по всему миру о наилучшем варианте вэб-сайта ИГТМ. (плагиат)
3. Сбор информации для вэб-сайта ИГТМ (у сотрудников ИГТМ).
4. Создание структуры и содержания вэб-сайта ИГТМ.
4.1. Принципы создания структуры и содержания вэб-сайта ИГТМ:
4.1.1. Только самая релевантная (нужная) информация.
4.1.2. Для интересующихся глубоко конкретными вопросами - детализация инфомации.
5. Web-development and web-design.
6. Продвижение вэб-сайта ИГТМ на рынке интеллектуальной продукции:
6.1. Бнеры.
6.2. Ссылки.
6.3. E-mail-сервис.
6.4. Chat и форум
7. Повторять пункты 1.-6. до создания и продвижения вэб-сайта ИГТМ на достаточно хорошем уровне.
I have changed some information bellow. So, if You have already read information bellow You may want to read this updated information bellow again.
What has happened to my E-mail addresses Michael_from_Ukraine@hotmail.com, m_marchenko@hotmail.com, mmarchenko@hotmail.com, mmarchenko@ua.fm, nmoseychuk@hotmail.com, etc.? These E-mail addresses contain more evidence.
Please call me and courier me corresponding documents, and E-mail me with answers to my enquiries, etc. imediately regarding immigration, administration, etc. issues!!! All details are bellow. If You do not react properly (in accordance to the laws of Your country, international laws, moral laws, etc.) to this message, I will try to put You in prison and/or punish You in any other way with no remorse what-so-ever.
I must ask administration of the University of New South Wales (UNSW (www.unsw.edu.au)) in general and School of Physics (www.phys.unsw.edu.au) of UNSW in particular, Australian Immigration (www.immi.gov.au), New Zealand Immigration (wwmedw.immigration.govt.nz), Canadian Immigration, South African Immigration, Interpol, all main secret services of the world, Duke University (www.duke.edu), Central European University (CEU (www.ceu.hu)), Dnipropetrovsk National (State) University (DNU(DSU (www.dsu.dp.ua))), Auckland University of Technology (AUT (www.aut.ac.nz)), Auckland University, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS (www.uts.edu.au)), Sydney University (www.usyd.edu.au), Macquary Univerity (www.mq.edu.au), Al-Jazeera television station (englishaljazeera.net), Jeff Gambin and his wife Alina (www.justenoughfaith.org), psychiatrists and psychologists who dealt with me, etc. to contact me immediately regading my studies at UNSW, permanent residency in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, probably illegal persecution against me (trying to push me towards suicide, violence against me, etc.), during my studies and/or work at Duke University, UTS, CEU, DNU, AUT, Sydney University, Macuary University, etc.!
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