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* Many people are dying early in Ukraine:
We discussed how many people are dying early in Ukraine. It seems that the whole country is going to die very soon. How are Americans better than Stalin then?
Should Americans, Canadians, Britons, etc. pay for this genocide of Ukrainians? Is there genocide of Ukrainians now?

* Mentally ill people:
I communicate probably with mentally ill people and I see how difficult their lives are. Many of them are dying very early and very few influential people care about this genocide of mentally ill people.
Eugenia (probably mentally ill) has lost her parents; her brother had become an alcoholic after death of their parents. Eugenia and her brother are still not married even though they are over 40.
Alex (probably mentally ill) also lives a very difficult life. He has also lost his mother.

* killing=reduction of numbers of homeless people?
I was told by Professor Francis Lethem at Duke University (, The USA in 1998 or in 1999 that the main goal in dealing with homeless people is reduction of numbers of homeless people.
It seems that the West is doing a very good job in reduction of numbers of homeless people by simply killing homeless through direct killing or creating unbearable conditions of living.

* Emotional support:
I probably can try to stand for the interest of poor people because I have some level of emotional support by my family.
I do fight with my family a lot but they probably still support me at least a little bit.
If I would not have this emotional support I would probably be dead already or in such condition that I would be very sick both physically and mentally.

* Systematic:
I try to apply systematic approach and systematic thinking in terrorism.

* My accountability:
I am trying to prepare for the worst possible suffering that only exists. I think that my opponents will not forgive me what I did. I think this suffering will be very painful but I must go though this suffering and to die if it is necessary to stand for the Truth. At the moment I do not see where I am significantly wrong. Since I have not been given any unofficial information I expect murder, torture, mental hospital, prison, homelessness, etc.
If I am killed I would like my organs to be donated to save lives of the people. If I am killed, I hope I will be killed in such way that my organs are not damaged significantly and can be used for transplants.

See the details at

Date: 10 December 2005.
Sorry for chaotic presentation of information. This information is on many topics in many languages, etc. If you have any questions please do contact me.
* Fight:
I am coming after my opponents.
I am looking for more allies who are willing to be good, honest, pure, etc. terrorists who would put the will of God into practice (blowing up the world unless the world deals with its corruption properly).
* Оптимизм:
Люди не всегда могут быть оптимистами. Я бываю оптимистом, обычно, тогда, когда я невыносимо устаю от пессимизма, страха, …
* ISA:
ISA is probably a protection system for computer systems. That is why Alex Hrapko from MELP, Green Party, Ukraine, etc. called himself ISA. I am right?
Please check or for e-mail addresses, contact details, etc.
* Israel:
Israel may support my allies and I in our fight for the Truth because approximately 1 million of my country men and women are now living in Israel.
Since I am accused of being Jewish (even though I have no documents which would say that I am a Jew), I am applying Jewish principle: eye for eye and tooth for tooth: the USA killed approximately 52 000 Iraqis since 2003, thus approximately 52 000 Americans must be killed by Iraqis.
* Americans Threatening Ukrainians in Ukraine?
Americans, Canadians, Britons, Westerners, etc. in Ukraine call Ukrainians “Russians”, they often refuse to learn Ukrainian language, learning only Russian language. The Web site of Alpha and Omega ( Alpha and Omega ) is only in English and Russian languages but Alpha and Omega is in Ukraine with only one official language, Ukrainian language! Mr. Roland (Canadian preacher from Alpha and Omega who probably left to Canada recently) could not talk to me in Ukrainian language. He suggested to talk in Russian language (probably trying not letting me to practice my English language). I refused to talk with him in Russian language arguing that we were in Ukraine. We ended up speaking in English language.
Luis (one of the activists of American Morning Star Church) threatened me that Russians are going to support Americans, Canadians, Westerners, etc. to bash me and to put me in prison, to throw me to jail, etc. Luis called our Ukrainian people Russians! Luis threatened to punish me illegally and legally in my country! Who has power in this country ( (the) Ukraine)? Is it still the Ukraine (part of something larger: Russia or the USA, or European Union, etc.) or it is Ukraine (an independent state and country)?
* Terrorist tries to bring to Justice Bush:
What happens is that a terrorist (me) tries to bring to Justice George W. Bush, Tony Blare, Bill Gates, John Harvard, American Canadian Morning Star Church, etc. using legal of their system.

11:30 AM,
* Church, prayers, etc.
** American Morning Star Church, Alpha and Omega (see the details above and/or bellow) also ask for money. I suggested them to spend this money and time to try to save lives of those who are dying but they responded that they are in Ukraine to save souls not lives and that they are saved and they want me to be saved. I asked them for evidence that they are saved. They have not given me the evidence yet.
Is this illegal? They claim that they are saved but that do not prove that. They are probably subjected to certain conditions in Ukraine. Do they comply with these conditions fully, perfectly, etc?
** My family spends a lot of money or Church, they pray a lot but I do not see the positive results. I think that this money and this time could be used in better way.
It seems that Churches make a lot of money on weaknesses, fears, etc. of the people.
Father of my brother-in-law Vadym, Mr. Viatcheslav Pyrozhenko probably needs a surgery and my sister asked my father to go to the Church, to pay the church money, to pray, etc.
Is this rational? Perhaps it could be better to spend this time and money on studying the problem with health of Mr. Viatcheslav Pyrozhenko.
* Hypocrisy of politicians?
Those Ukrainian politicians who claim that they are anti-American (Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (PSPU)) refused to join me in my effort to try to examine thoroughly what Americans really do in Ukraine.
The deader of this PSPU is Dr. (Mrs.) Natalia Vitrenko (a woman).
It may be the evidence that PSPU just uses Anti-American rhetoric to make people vote for PSPU but leaders of PSPU may keep their money in the USA, etc.
I know many people from PSPU. Some of them are probably very good people (honest, pure, hardworking, etc.)
Please check: and
11 AM, 9 December 2005.
* USA=communism?
Son of former Premier of Communist Russia Dr. Khrushchev lives in the USA. Son of former Premier of Communist Russia Dr. Khrushchev says to American media that he is proud to be an American and in Russia he says how bad America is and how important it is for Russia to be protected from America. Is Son of former Premier of Communist Russia Dr. Khrushchev hypocritical?
Same things happened to many other famous former communist bosses who join the USA (former KGB General Mr. Kalugin who says that he is proud of destroying the KGB and that America is now nice to him).
Many nuclear weapons experts from Ukraine did the same. They basically disarmed Ukraine against aggression from almost any direction (the USA, Russia, etc.)
Our former communist bosses betrayed us and joined the USA, Canada, Britain, the West, etc. in their robbery, rape and murder of Ukrainians (using manly legal methods, and sometimes illegal methods like in war against Iraq from 2003 to the present time, etc.)
Our former communist bosses had not used nuclear weapons against the USA, Canada, Britain, the West, etc. probably significantly because Our former communist bosses were in similar position as bosses in the USA, Canada, Britain, the West, etc. They have a lot to lose in nuclear warfare.
My allies and I have almost nothing to lose.
* Nuclear blast:
It seems that nuclear power plants can help people a lot in creating nuclear weapons. May be that is why Americans are so concerned about Iran and North Korea nuclear programs.
I have read in physics books (Physics fundamentals, Author: Cholpan; published in Kiev city Ukraine, USSR in 1985) that creating nuclear weapons requires some special materials to keep nuclear explosive from spreading to far after explosion of conventional blast inside the nuclear bomb to pull two uranium or plutonium blasts together to create critical mass and chain reaction.
This should not be too difficult these days though.
Few pounds of nuclear blast can demolish the city like New York in seconds, leaving almost nothing of New York City with all its suburbs.
10 AM. 9 December 2005.
* Corrupt Americans, Canadians, etc?
It seems that Americans, Canadians, etc. from Morning Star Church are scared of something. They probably do not want to be studied very thoroughly. May be they paid bribe(s) to Russian and/or Ukrainian governments to preach their faith in Ukraine or something like that. It is so difficult to do anything in Ukraine without bribes.
Guy probably named Kon or something like that (he is approximately 6 feet height, gray hear, approximately 60 years old) looked at me as if I have done something very bad. He did not even say hello to me after I said hello to him. It happened on Sunday on December 4, 2005.
Doreen Sears whose birthday is on July 4 (same day as my birthday) was also quite rude to me, accusing me of being arrogant. I am trying to understand why.
I remember calling Doreen Sears on July 4 wishing her happy birthday probably hearing vices of other American missionaries Probably Wayne Pope, those Americans who come to Ukraine to teach summer classes on behalf of Trinity Western University from British Columbia, Canada, etc.
It seems that these Canadians and Americans do similar things also in Russia and in other countries around the world.
I remember Mr. Victor Gamm who probably preached in Russia on behalf of Americans. Mr. Victor Gamm presented his ides in the largest auditorium in Dnipropetrovsk city, Ukraine.
I remember day of presidential elections in July of 1994 when American missionaries came to Dnipropetrovsk city, Ukraine, presented their ideas, etc. Similar thing happened on Constitution Day of Ukraine in June of 2005, etc.
I am trying to study their groups trying to find out how corrupt they are and if they are too corrupt, how to punish them for corruption.
* How have I decided to become a terrorist?
My writings can be titled “How have I decided to become a terrorist?” I am very ambitious. It is difficult for me to tolerate corruption. Perhaps that is how many people become terrorists.
* Purl Harbor:
It may be symbolic that I talked to a Japanese guy on December 7, 2005, the anniversary of Japanese attack on American Purl Harbor.
Also, my neighbor Sergey whom I help with research was born on December 7, 1987. I try to train his as a terrorist to make sure that there will be more Purl Harbors unless Americans reduce their level of corruption enough.

Date: December 9, 2005.
На VІ-й Всеукраїнський конкурс "Молода економіка" (
; ):

Тема: Енергозабезпечення та енергозбереження: реальні механізми чи утопічні проекти.

* Основна ідея: Розвиток ядерної енергетики є найкращим вирішенням енергетичних проблем України.

* Критика опонентів:
** Керівник Дніпропетровської обласної організації Партії Зелених України (, пан Віктор Хазан (кандидат наук, чи, можливо, навіть доктор наук) намагався довести безглуздість розвитку ядерної енергетики України, але мабуть не зміг спростувати докази прихильників розвитку ядерної енергетики України.
Пан Віктор Хазан називав себе фізиком, але я поки що бачив те, на скільки пан Віктор Хазан не володіє навіть основами шкільної фізики.
Чого варте його твердження приблизно 31 грудня 1999 року про те, що паперова густина є 3 грами на сантиметр, він навіть не знав на квадратний, чи кубічний! (У школі навчають, що густина – це маса одиниці об’єму речовини). Згідно з цим виходить папір тоне у воді (оскільки паперова густина втричі перевищує густину води, згідно з паном Віктором Хазаном)!

** Критика теорії фізичного вакууму Шипова та Акімова:
Дивіться на
Шипов та Акімов стверджують, що вони достатньо оволоділи енергією фізичного вакууму для того, щоб обійтися без брудної ядерної енергетики.
Глибокі знання теоретичної фізики необхідні, щоб спростувати цю теорію Шипова та Акімова, оскільки навіть доценти - математики схоже не в змозі розібратися у цих надзвичайно складних формулах.
Навіть академік Російської Академії Наук, пан Рубаков, не зміг спростувати цю теорію математично та фізично (Дивіться 2000 рік
Хоча, досить очевидно те, що ця теорія не підтверджується експериментально.
Дуже схоже на те, що ця теорія або є утопічною, або, можливо, буде підтверджена у майбутньому.
Цю теорію мабуть пропонували спецслужбам, оскільки ця теорія повинна описувати навіть психічні процеси з точністю, яка наближається до точності опису спектрів атомів.
Тому, довіряти цій теорії мабуть не варто.

- Скоріше за все, опоненти розвитку ядерної енергетики України намагаються запобігти розповсюдженню ядерних технологій, які могли б використовуватися для ядерної зброї та для інших видів зброї масового знищення.

* Докази (обґрунтування, посилання на наукову літературу, тощо) дивіться в [4] , [5] , а також вище та/або нижче.
Пропонуються також шляхи підвищення ефективності енергетичного сектору та енергозбереження (з метою більш ефективного використання існуючої енергії), докази (обґрунтування, посилання на наукову літературу, тощо) дивіться на , а також вище та/або нижче.
- Можливі докази: В Україні багато урану, є відповідні фахівці, недостатньо інших джерел енергії (окрім ядерного палива), тощо.

* Посилання на джерела інформації:
[1] Экологический взгляд на энергетику в Украине.
Основные шаги в стратегии устойчивого развития Украины.
Гускина Л.Г., НГО "Людина на Землі"
[2] Газета «Дзеркало Тижня», стаття Горбуліна та Шевцова щодо ядерної енергетики в Україні.
[3] Література з ядерної фізики, ядерної енергетики багатьма мовами (англійською, російською, українською, тощо).
* Cancer of larynx or throat:
I talked to Vasyl Vasyljev (brother of Sveta Vasyljeva who is dying of cancer of larynx or throat). Vasyl Vasyljev said that their family tries to make sure that Sveta Vasyljeva is treated for cancer in Cancer center on Kosmichna Street in Dnipropetrovsk city, Ukraine.
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