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* Assassination of president of the USA Mr. Kenedy:
I saw the documentary on assassination of president of the USA Mr. Kenedy on November 22, 1963.
If even a few of suspicions presented in this documentary are true, then the USA is extremely corrupt and dangerous for the world.
I agree that not only the USA is extremely corrupt but the USA has the most power.
See the details at,,
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Time: approximately 11 AM Ukrainian time 30 December 2005. Дата: 30 декабря 2005 года.
* Мастер и Маргарита:
Смотрел некоторые серии сериала Мастер и Маргарита по телеканалу Интер в Украине. Похоже, что Михаил Булгаков пытался любыми средствами уйти от невыносимой для него реальности, даже с помощью Сатаны. Я не согласен с Булгаковым, поскольку Булгаков фактически сдался, признал свое поражение в борьбе с системой.
Я нахожусь в похожей ситуации, для меня почти любая социальная система неприемлема. Я пытаюсь бороться до конца. Надеюсь, мне удастся больше, чем удалось Булгакову. Возможно мне удастся проникнуть глубже в причины конфликтов в обществе.
Считаю, что критика Булгаковым советской действительности 1930-х годов вполне переносима на все общества, в том числе и на современное западное общество.
* от горных работ к терроризму:
Мой коллега Олег Рябцев говорит, что применял взрывчатку для выкорчевывания пня в саду. Так можно и терроризмом заняться. Ведь мои коллеги – профессионалы горные взрывники.
* о БОМЖе Сергее Макарове:
29 декабря 2005 года по 9-му теле- каналу в Днепропетровске видел фрагмент о БОМЖе Сергее Макарове, которому я пытаюсь помогать уже несколько месяцев.
9-му теле- каналу в Днепропетровске спасибо за внимание к Сергею Макарову. Не столь важно каковы были реальные мотивы 9-го канала помочь ему. Главное, чтобы ему помогли.
* Mr. Sergey Makarov
The interview with the homeless guy Mr. Sergey Makarov has been shown on television channel 9 in Dnipropetrosk city, Ukraine on December 29, 2005. I hope that now Mr. Sergey Makarov will get better.
See the details at,,
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Дата: 30 декабря 2005 года.
* Normal people are strange and funny?
Why do normal people often laugh when I tell them about my adventures? I think that normal people are strange and funny. For me as probably a crazy man it is difficult to understand normal people.
Time: 7 PM, 29 December 2005.
* Westerners:
I perceive most Westerners as too stupid, too boring, too arrogant, too corrupt, and too inhumane.
In particular, Westerners are boring because they probably do not like revolutions very much. We had so many revolutions here in (the) Ukraine! Revolutions are fun!
Margaret Teacher (a former British prime minister) probably said that she was proud that there were no revolutions in Britain for a long time. This is boring!
Probably Westerners have told me on the Internet that all normal people have already left Ukraine, that Ukraine is weak, that Ukraine is ass of Russia, Ukrainians are Russians of second sort, etc. Is it all true?
* Crazy Eugenia?
Probably mentally ill Eugenia (who has probably been fooled, robbed, etc. by Americans) offered me help with my Ph.D. dissertation (thesis) saying that in Krishna books it is all written. Eugenia even asks me to write a letter instead of her because she cannot force herself to do even that. I think that She cannot write my doctoral thesis.
I am trying to find out whether my efforts to help the people are similar to efforts of Eugenia to write my doctoral thesis.
Eugenia is positive and hopes that God is going to help her.
I think that Eugenia is in a sense a bit less mentally ill than me because she has more living skills than me.
It seems that mentally ill people are the first ones who suffer of brainwashing, propaganda, etc.
* Nhel:
Please forgive me for not meeting You on-line.
Could You please give me exact time when You will be on-line? I will try to be on-line at that time too. My Ukrainian winter time is 2 hours ahead of GMT (London, England winter time).
For me you are very beautiful no matter how You look because You are pure, kind, honest, and sincere.
I have updated my web-site on December 28, 2005 at approximately 7 PM Ukrainian time. Thus, You can find a lot of new information there.
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Sorry if I have offended You in any way.
See the details at,,
* ВВС (Бі-Бі-Сі) (
ВВС годі брехати, ми України доньки й сини, ми не бидло, ми не козли, яким Ви нас намагаєтеся зробити.
* Поінформованість:
Я спілкувався з тими, хто вийшов на майдан за Ющенка, Тимошенко, Януковича, … вважаю їх менше поінформованими, ніж я.
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Time: approximately 4 PM Ukrainian time, 29 December 2005.
* Ukrainian troops in Iraq:
The president of Ukraine Mr. Victor Yuschenko promised to withdraw Ukrainian troops from Iraq by October of 2005. Now it is the end of December of 2005. Ukraine has lost approximately 20 people (killed, including women!)) and approximately 40 more people wounded (thus Ukrainian loses are approximately 60 people, including women!)
What has been done positive during these years of fighting in Iraq? It seems that almost nothing, only bad things.
On their jackets Ukrainian troops in Iraq had something like “Only US” what does US mean? The USA? What about the UN? Americans, Australians, etc. (coalition of the willing) say that the UN is too corrupt and there is no need to listen to the UN.
I was told that some Ukrainian soldiers would rather die fighting for something in hot spots around the world than to live in Ukraine.
As a Ukrainian I cannot tolerate that. I must fight to the last drop of my blood to stop this from happening.
Those who sent Ukrainian troops to Iraq and to other hot spots to protect American, Australian, British, Canadian, Western, etc. interests with our Ukrainian lives should pay the price for this crime against their own country and against humanity.
* What happened to Ukraine?
This is my understanding of what has happened to my country: Russian empire was always behind the West in education and technologies. Russian politician were almost always very ambitious, probably even too ambitious, not humble enough, stupid compared to Western politicians, etc.
After communist revolution in Russia in 1917 the situation has become more extreme (more ambitions and more stupidity at the same time).
This caused a lot of casualties (killed, wounded, imprisoned, etc.) due to persecutions, wars, etc.
Trying to make the people better using the communist methods did not work and caused more hypocrisy, corruption, etc.
Democratization in communist Russia was probably caused by the threat to the elite by the authoritarian system which was unpredictable and could kill or imprison anybody, including the communist elitists. Another cause of Democratization in communist Russia was probably lower competitiveness of Russian system compared to Western system, the communist elite probably tried to use democratization to strengthen their system.
At the time of collapse of Communism in Russia in 1990-s the political elite has chosen to neglect the interests of the Russian public to extreme extent probably due to lack of education, skills, etc. so the elitists have decided to forget about patriotism and to save themselves and may be some of their power and money, and they probably agreed to serve their new Westerns bosses, helping them to kill, rob, and rape their countries (Russia, Ukraine, etc.)
Now Ukraine is almost helpless against the West. The West can probably do almost anything to Ukraine (steel resources (intellect, brains, natural resources, women, money, etc.))
The augment against my approach could be: those murderess, rapists, and robbers who are in power now murder, rape, and rob less people than their competitors alternative terrorists etc. who may come to power as a result of an anti-corruption terrorist revolution or something like that.
Probably the main argument against my theories is that it is simply not feasible in the current political situation to put my ideas into practice (even if the Truth is completely on my side). The situation may change though. There may be other crazy people like me who cannot tolerate corruption and who are smarter than me, who have more money than me, more connections, etc.
I can try to help terrorists to hide better from the satellites because I work in the area of satellite technology.
I am trying to start open discussion in Ukraine using not only words (verbal methods of analysis) but also mathematical methods and computer simulation. May be this could help to get out of this deep systemic crisis where Ukraine and many other countries ended up.
* Energy crisis in Ukraine?
After December 31, 2005 Ukraine may be cut off natural gas sources from Russia. This may cause major disaster in economics, it may cause chaos, violence, etc. thus, after December 31, 2005 I may not have access to the Internet, e-mail, computer, etc.
* Mr. Sergey Makarov:
Nobody helped Mr. Sergey Makarov. Is this true? If yes, then Television Channel 9 in may lie that they will help. Mr. Sergey Makarov is not a Ukrainian citizen, he was a Russian citizen.
Some Russians (probably NAZIs) told me that Mr. Sergey Makarov does not deserve to be called Russian if he has fallen so low. Please check this information.
* Homeless boys:
I was told that those homeless boys could be approximately 13 years old and not 12 year olds as I tried to guess earlier.
* Last update of the web-sites , was on December 28, 2005 (Wednesday) at approximately 7 PM Ukrainian time.
* Economics:
I am dealing with the paper on economics. The deadline is approximately January 3, 2006.
- The problem is to use an optimization algorithm of finding minimum of a non-linear function using the method of gradient decent or something like that.
The problem is to use an optimization algorithm which is called “Method of conditional gradient” (or something like that).
There are requirements are to the domain, function, etc.
-- The main book which I am dealing with now is: Methods and Algorithms: solving of optimization problems. Authors: Beyko, Bublyk, Zynko, Kiev, 1983. – 512 pages (in Russian language).
** I try to model the most efficient use of energy in Ukraine, new alternative sources of energy. This research area has a lot of potential in contemporary Ukraine due to high probability of energy crisis after December 31, 2005.
This probably requires regression analysis. Regression analysis usually gives linear functions (even in quantum physics (quantum mechanics, QCD, QED, etc.) operators are usually linear) I do not know how to justify a non- linear function and I need a non-linear function probably because gradient (derivative) of a linear function is constant and there is nothing to minimize!
Thus, this model of energy efficiency may fail with high probability. I need a lot of help to develop this model properly.
** Another option could be modeling of corruption. I have found couple of research papers where people try to model corruption (in Russian journal “Economics and mathematical methods”) Modeling corruption includes modeling very complex social processes, not only economic processes.
** The next option could be mathematical modeling of competitiveness of Ukrainian economy and/or certain sectors of Ukrainian economy (military industrial complex, metallurgy, chemical industry, agriculture, IT industry, intellectual sector of the economy, etc.)
** The simplest problem could be mathematical modeling of profit of a company. The profit can be expressed as a non-linear function. The price (P) is an inverse function of the amount (A) of produced products: P~1/A.
Date: 29 December 2005.
* The goals of this mailing list encompass the following: to try to understand what would be the best way to help my country, the world and myself; whether I am mentally ill or not, etc.
* Цели моих рассылок сообщений: осознать, как помочь моей стране, миру, мне наилучшим образом; больной ли я психически и если болен, то какой у меня диагноз и как лечить это заболевание. Подробности смотрите на:
* Давление на меня?
Обращаю Ваше внимание на то, что на меня видимо оказывают давление через Интернет. Доказательства смотрите в моих сообщениях и на
* одно-группник Андрей Говоруха:
Я встретил моего бывшего одно-группника Андрея Говоруху. Мы с ним учились на мех-мате в ДГУ с 1989 года по 1994 год. Похоже, у него, как и у меня с головой не все в порядке, но он гораздо более приспособлен к жизни, чем я. Он говорит, что у него было много девушек, что он собирается женится на своей нынешней девушке, что он работает в фирме (правда, на вторых ролях).
Мы с ним очень сильно отличаемся по взглядам. Он очень материально ориентирован. Он мечтает о богатстве, 600-м Мерседесе, … По поводу БОМЖа Сергея Макарова, Андрей Говоруха сказал примерно следующее: «пусть умирает».
Андрей Говоруха говорил о том, что вступал в половые связи со многими женщинами, что ему нравятся только молодые и красивые женщины, а более старшего возраста женщины ему неприятны или что-то в этом роде.
Андрей Говоруха себя патриотом не считает (еще одно сильное отличие от меня. Я себя считаю патриотом). Андрей Говоруха считает, что хорошо, что американцы забирают наших девушек.
Возможно Андрей Говоруха чувствует себя так уверенно по тому, что его отец доктор наук, заведующий отделом в институте Геотехнической механики Академии Наук Украины, занимается рельсовым транспортом.
* Mr. Sergey Makarov:
I think we have found this money (approximately 40 US dollars) for Mr. Sergey Makarov. Television Channel 9 in Dnipropetrovskcity, Ukraine promised to help.
I have received a telephone call at (38 0 56) 3702691 and promised help to Mr. Sergey Makarov.
May be this woman Nhel from Philippines is telling the truth about a lot of suffering which she had to go through.
Do You mean that You asked doctors not to try to save life of Your mother and she died of cancer? Do You have father and/or other family members?
You have gone through a lot of suffering.
Let us try to acquire knowledge, skills, experience, etc. so that people do not suffer so much and do not die so early. Let us try to join our efforts in helping each other.
I suffer a lot too. I may be mentally ill. I try to help very many people. I need a lot of help myself but I think that nobody can help me and not willing to help me. Plus I may not be able to accept help even someone sincerely offers me help because I know many much more deserving people than me.
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