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I have seen many people suffering very much and dying very early.
Kind regards,
Mike Marchenko.
Dear Mike,

How did you spent your christmas? Hope you''re happy with your family. I really want to talk with you but it seems you are very buzy. I can''t catch you at the internet.
I think you are a nice person too and your heart is right also. I admire your ways of helping people. May the Lord bless you with what you are doing. How I wish i can be also a help for you in doing good things.

I want to share my story regarding my mother who died of cervical cancer almost six years ago. While she was still alive suffering of cancer, I ask God to spare her life because I love my mother so much. For more than a month in the hospital before she died, i took care of her. Everyday whenever I she her dying and in deep agony because of the pain, I was crying.

Before she was confined at the hospital the doctor told us that she must undergo series of cobalt and radiation. and this was a big problem to us then. We need to raise up a big amount of money to sustain her medication. Though it was a government hospital and radiation is free except of some medicine we need to buy, its not that easy. I was amazed when I start preparing my mother for her radation series because there are hundreds of cancer people in that hospital waiting for their schedules (not just months but others a year already depending on the degree of their cancer). My mother then is on her stage 2-A and she was 60 years old then. We need to wait for a couple of months for her to be treated because according to the doctors they facilities were not enough. The hospital have only 2 machines and only 1 is functioning the other was not due to over used. I dont know how I feel that time, I want my mother to leave, to bring her to a private hospital to be treated soon but I don''t have money, I resigned for my job to take care of her.To sustain our daily living and some of her medicine I engage in selling vegetables in the market together with my friend. I was very thankful for her. She''s always on my side giving me comfort and moral support. God really used her for me. How I praised my Lord that in the middle of my troubles He sent this friend of mine to help me without asking anything in return. After 3 months the condition of my mother get worsened. At this time we need to bring her to the hospital for confinement. Her last week in the hospital I gave her up to the Lord. I can no longer bear the pain of seeing her daily in her bed suffering from pain. I asked God to take her life and give her rest. At this point I realized that its easier for me to see my loving mother in a coffin that to see her little by little killed by cancer.

In this situation, I have no one to turn to to ask for help except God. Then I started trusting Him... that He knows the best for His children. And God is really faithful because He gave me strength to accept this very hard thing of loosing my beloved mother. Even at the middle of this crisis, I can thank my God because she used this situation to make me strong. Now, if ever God gave me the opportunity to live a day or two or a thousand years, I want the remaining days of my life be useful for Him. Whatever God wants me to do, I''ll do it for His glory to raise up His name and lead people at His feet no matter what. That they too will experience the loving touch of the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives.

How I wish I can help you introduced Christ in your life that you too experience His loving touch. Give God the opportunity to work in your life not you always working for Him. You deserve also to be happy. Always remember that He loves you very much.

Возможно, я мог бы помочь Вам в бизнесе. Так же постараюсь всегда оказывать Вам эмоциональную поддержку, если Вы будете нуждаться в эмоциональной поддержке.
* Бездомные дети:
Рядом с Сергеем Викторовичем Макаровым (БОМЖом) я встретил двух мальчиков, которым на вид примерно по 12 лет. Один из мальчиков – без ноги, сказал, что отморозил ногу. Говорит, что документы его в приюте НАДИЯ на Победе в г. Днепропетровск. Сказали, что они со станции Лозовая, что у них там родственники, но родственники о них заботится не хотят или не могут. Говорят, что живут за счет попрошайничества. Тот мальчик, который с обеими ногами говорит, что в школу никогда не ходил, не умеет ни читать, ни писать, а тот, который без ноги, возможно, умеет писать. Я им оставил мои контактные данные, пообещал попытаться помочь.
Подробности смотрите на:
* Homeless kids:
I have met two boys (approximately 12 year olds). One on them is without leg. He says that his leg was frozen out so it had to be amputated. They both are homeless. The probably cannot read and cannot write. They probably survive by bagging. I have left them my contact details and promised to try to help.
A lot of people are in the same situation in Dnipropetrovsk city, (the) Ukraine.
See the details at
Approximately 5 PM Ukrainian time 28 December 2005.
* Nuclear bomb:
I am reading the issue of UFN ( 1991, issue 5 (May of 1991) about technical and scientific details of Russian British, French, Chinese, and American nuclear programs. It gives some insights but still a lot of work remains to be done.
It may be interesting that this issue is absent on the Internet! May be someone is scared of sharing this information with potential terrorists.

* Andrei Sakharov:
The role of Mr. Andrei Sakharov seems to be important in Russian history. Mr. Andrei Sakharov probably has left his wife and may be children for another woman Mrs. Elena Boner. She could be CIA spy or something like that.
In his books Mr. Andrei Sakharov probably writes about how good it was to enjoy time in Florida, the USA.
Mr. Andrei Sakharov was probably trying to make public the lies of Soviet government, corruption, etc. I agree with that in principle but this fight against corruption had very negative consequences for most of the people from the former USSR.

* Killing International students in Russia:
Killing International students in Russia is enormously helping the USA. Those killings could be organized by the CIA. If transitional and developing countries are fighting against each other the USA benefits using the principle “divide and rule”.
It seems that Westerners here in Ukraine are trying to use black people against me.
I have decided not to try to punish those black people.

* To my current and potential allies:
We should try to avoid violence. The idea of torturing, killing, hanging, etc. all Westerners in Ukraine and in other transitional and developing countries may not be the best and may not be feasible.
Hanging the genitals of those Western men who came to Ukraine for wives, girlfriends, etc. along the main roads in Ukraine may not be feasible as well.
We should try to be ahead of the West in technologies. We should try to find allies all over the world, including the West. Not all Westerners are our enemies.

* BBC, VoA:
President of Ukraine Mr. Victor Yuschenko said on BBC that his elatives listened to Voice of America (VoA) and BBC as truth. Is this a correct statement? I think that Voice of America (VoA) and BBC are not truth but propaganda (alternative to Soviet propaganda, I admit that) but still Voice of America (VoA) and BBC are probably propaganda may be even much more dangerous than former Soviet propaganda.
Dear Nhel,
Some answer to Your questions are the following:
I probably not humble enough to be a perfect Christian. I am probably too ambitious, too selfish, too weak, too stupid, etc. You do not need to share the Gospel with me; I have access to the Gospel.
I am not testing You. I am trying to help You.
I am not an influential person.
Mike Marchenko.
Dear Jeff,
Thank you for Your offer to help Mr. Sergey Makarov.
I will see what I can do. I do not have bank account in Ukraine.
Best regards,
Michael Marchenko
From От Кого: Jeff Geha
Date: Дата: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 22:07:39 +1100
To: Кому: Michael Marchenko

Merry Christmas Michael & all the best for the coming year my friend.

I would be happy to give the required money for Mr. Sergey Makarov to be
taken to hospital. Please let me know your bank account so that I can transfer
the funds via the internet.

God bless
Time: approximately 1 PM Ukrainian time
Date: 28 December 2005.
To Whom It May Concern:
I would like to draw your attention to possible pressure on me, harassment, etc. probably by my political opponents. They may try to silence me and even to kill me, or push me to end up in mental hospital, or to kill myself, or to end up in prison, etc.
I think I try to take very honest position, very tough position. I probably do not have enough power to influence the political situation significantly but I also cannot protect myself properly from my opponents who have probably a lot of power.
Подробности смотрите на
See the details at:
Below is information about my father (if you need translation please let me know). He tries to get employment in military industry, or in satellite technology, etc.

Начальнику КБ-3 ГКБ «Южное»
Макарову А. Л.
Г. Днепропетровск, ул. Криворожская, 3

Уважаемый Александр Леонидович!

Прошу Вас принять меня на работу в КБ-3 ГКБЮ на должность ведущего научного сотрудника.

Обоснование целесообразности приема на работу:
А. С позиций ГКБ «Южное»:

1. Опыт работы (основные завершенные (переданные заказчику) работы, год завершения, личный вклад):
а) автоматизированная система расчета полётных заданий для РН 15А18 (1977 г.): разработка алгоритмов и техническое руководство;
б) автоматизированные комплексы обработки телеметрической информации КА «Ресурс-О» (1985 г.) и КА «Электро» (1987 г.): разработка ключевых алгоритмов, технический руководитель;
в) имитационная компьютерная модель функционирования КА типа «Янтарь» (1988 г.): разработка ключевых алгоритмов, технический руководитель;
г) программное обеспечение расчета командно-программной информации для КА «Терелен» (1990 г.), «Орлец» и «Циркон» (1992 г.): разработка ключевых алгоритмов, технический руководитель;
д) программно-технические комплексы (ПТК) «Обработка аэрокосмических изображений высокой разрешающей способности» - МОУ (г. Киев, 2002 г.) и ЦПОСИ и КНП (г. Дунаевцы, 2003 г.): технический руководитель;
е) ПТК планирования работы целевой аппаратуры КА «Січ-1М» и «Микроспутник» (2004 год.): руководство работами;
ж) системное, эскизное и техническое проектирование: ЦУП, НСК, автоматизированные системы испытаний, ПТК «Архив данных ДЗЗ» (1979-2004 гг.)
з) методика расчета (оценки) технической и экономической эффективности изделий ракетно-космической техники (2004 г.): разработка алгоритмов расчета.

2. Научно-технический уровень (владение методами на профессиональном уровне):
а) баллистика ракет типа 15А14 и 15А18;
б) баллистика низко- и средне-орбитальных КА;
в) математическое моделирование технических систем (конечные автоматы и сети Петри);
г) многомерный регрессионный анализ;
д) имитационное компьютерное моделирование технических объектов типа космических систем ДЗЗ;
е) системный анализ, системное проектирование, техническая и экономическая эффективность;
ж) интегральные и дифференциальные уравнения, механика управляемого космического полета.

3. Организационный опыт (планирование и организация выполнения работ):
а) начальник сектора – 10 лет;
б) начальник отдела – 10 лет;
в) главный конструктор проекта – 4 года.
Более детальная информация в письменном виде имеется у С. А. Матвиенко.

Б. Личный интерес
1. Я способен эффективно (особенно в научно-техническом плане) работать, а, следовательно, могу принести себе материальную и моральную пользу.
2. За время работы в области ракетно- космической техники мной накоплен большой практический и теоретический опыт и я бы хотел его передать молодым и перспективным работникам КБ-3.
3. Личные симпатии к С. А. Матвиенко.

В. Другие (основные) сведения:
1. Последние 3 года я работал начальником отдела ГП «Днепрокосмос», откуда уволился 5.05.2005 г. в связи с выходом на научную пенсию.
2. Желания дальше работать в ГП «Днепрокосмос» у меня не было по причинам:
а) этическим (некорректное отношение «высшего» руководства ГП «Днепрокосмос» к своим сотрудникам);
б) договор (ноябрь 2004 г.) с С. А. Матвиенко о моем переходе в ГКБЮ (детальное знакомство с ним состоялось в г. Дунаевцы в ноябре 2004 г. во время проведения межведомственных испытаний НСК КА «Січ-1М» и «Микроспутник» - было выявлено полное взаимопонимание как рационально вести разработку и испытания НСК и его элементов);
3. Мне больше нравится конкретная прикладная научно-техническая работа (с передачей в эксплуатацию), чем сухая теоретическая работа в ИТМ НАНУ (г. Днепропетровск).

С уважением,
(Марченко В. Т.)
* Dying homeless:
Mr. Sergey Makarov is dying on the street. He is homeless. He needs approximately 200 hryvnias (which is equivalent to approximately 40 dollars, the USA) to be accepted to the hospital for treatment. He does not have one leg. His body is rotting (gangrene, etc.) it is very cold here. It was already -10 Celsius below freezing.
Mr. Sergey Makarov could be of some use for the society. Letting him to die may be considered as murder. A lot of people had already died like that.
Is it fair that someone can enjoy Christmas and the New Year and someone like Mr. Sergey Makarov should be dying and suffer so much during Christmas and the New Year?
He needs urgent help!!
See the details at:
* Умирающий БОМЖ:
Сергею Макарову срочно нужно примерно 200 гривен (что эквивалентно примерно 40 долларам США), чтобы его приняли в больницу, иначе он может умереть через пару дней. У него гниет тело (гангрена), он живет на улице, где очень холодно (уже было -10 градусов мороза по Цельсию). Позволить ему умереть , видимо, равносильно убийству. Он мог бы принести пользу обществу.
Разве справедливо то, что многие отмечают рождество и Новый Год, а он должен умирать и страдать так сильно?
Подробности смотрите на
Папе срочно нужны деньги на зубы!!! До 28 декабря 2005 года (среда)!!!
Вопрос существования Любви, видимо, вопрос философский, возможно риторический.
Что Вас в жизни интересует? Что Вам нравится, а что не нравится?
I can try to help You and her with education on young children (my sister and her husband are very knowledgeable about that). I can try to help You and her with education on psychology, accounting, financial mathematics, etc.
From От Кого: Nhel Centeno
Date: Дата: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 22:38:33 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mike,

Your mail seems that you are testing me. Well, i can''t blame you because what you have said that most of my fellow Filipino women are at the internet to look for a better future (husband, boyfriends, etc.) It really hurts me but that''s a FACT. I can''t blame them also for that but my motive and my conscience is clean. If I will keep on chatting over the internet without clear objective i think i''ll just stop doing this thing ''coz its very expensive. I need to spend time, money and effort to go to internet cafe and do these things. But this is my ministry to God. I''m doing this because I want to share His love to those lonely people in the net looking for temporary happiness.
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