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)). May be my neighbour Victor Korojid, who lived at 19 Astrananska Street, Dnipropetrovsk, 49066 Ukraine, tried to persiade my father to work for the KGB of Ukraine (SBU). May be SBU is responsible for the problems of more and my family. Some psychics and witches, and priests may have influenced my mother so that she gas become aggressive towars the members of her (my) family.
I tried many times to address Ukrainian embassies in the USA, Australia, Russia, etc. but nobody respond to my enquiries.

People from channel 9 in Dniprpetrovsk, Ukraine told me to accept bribes. Is this the evidence of corruption.

I have received a death threat by telephone today. People use violence aganst me very often (sometimes more than once a day), they voilate laws.
Police threaten my family and me. For example, my mother said that the police person Oleh (works at 20 Junyh Lenintsiv Street , Dnipropetrovsk, 49066 Ukraine) told her that my family and me must be careful with Oleh because he is armed, Oleh said that he is going to put hand cuffs on me and put me into the mental hospital involuntary.
Also, police (colleagues of Kojnash in Dnipropetrovsk city police station) told me that the police cannot protect me because I am dealing with very powerful people with a lot of money.

I am willing to sacrifice everything (including my own life) to find out the truth in this situation and to do the right thing. I think I am ready to extreme suffering and for death in couple of weeks from now (I discussed my suffering and dearth with religious leaders, psychologists, etc.). So, I ask my opponents not to intimidate me. It is probably useless.

Formal investigtion wll find out wheather Annie Andrews (a head of psycholocal service at UNSW ( )) is corrupt or not and if yes, to what extent.

I would like to tell professor Victor Flambaum and Julian Berengut that I cannot write to the people separately because I do not have enough time and other resoyrces to do that. That is why I must write to everybody at the same time.

It may be important that Professor John Storey (head of school of physics at UNSW) and Professor Hamilton looked at me with aversion and contempet and did not even say hellow in response to my hello. Is this true? If yes, why?

Oleh Klochan promised me to find all papers and all literature in physics which I need.
O need all papers after September 3, 2004 of Flambaum, Dzuba, etc. on variation of fundamental physical constants and atomic clocks.

Should I study the paper: Authors: Marion H., etc. A search for variations of fundamental constants using atomic fountain clocks, Archive: December 31, 2002? It seems to be an experimental paper, not theoretical.

Is it possible to have time variation of fine structure constant in cosmology (not in atomic clocks)?
It is reflected in the following paper: Authors: Web, Flambaum, etc. Search for time variation of the fine structure constant. Phys. Rev. Letters, vol. 82, N 5.

What are the important differences between the following two papers:
1. Authors: Dzuba, Flambaum, Kozlov. Combination of the many-body perturbation theory with the configuration interaction method. Phys. Rev. A. Vol. 54, N 5.
2. Authors: Dzuba, Flambaum, Kozlov. Calculations of energy levels for atoms with several valence electrons. Pis’ma v ZhETF, Vol. 63, iss. 11, pp. 844-848.

!!!!! Please read all this message very carefully.

I am still under the pressure. A police person at Dnipropetrovsk city police office told me that the police cannot protect me because I am dealing with powerful people who have a lot of money. My father told me that because many famous Ukrainian politicians have been killed (Scherban, Honhadze, Hetman, etc.), I will be killed (because I am in conflict with powerful people) and nobody will be able to find out why and by whom.
Religious organizations refuse to help me, they often even use violence against me. Father George (Heorhij) refuses to deal with me.

Could You please forward this message to Professor William Ascher and ask Him to respond to me?

May be Ukrainian troops are fighting in Iraq to cause armed conflict between Ukraine and Muslim world (caused by the USA and/or the West and/or by some other people)?

Sorry for mistakes in English language, I have no spell check, I am in a hurry and I am very stressed out.
Should I use experimental papers (not only theoretical) for my doctoral thesis? I have found one paper on fontain atomic clocks from archive. In this paper the authors make about 3 references to works of Flambaum, Dzuba, Web (aout of about 27 references).
Could You please post all relevant information in physics to the following postal address: Mykhaylo Marchenko, 13 Astrahanska Street, Dnipropetrovsk 49066 Ukraine; but before doing that, please let me know how much it will cost so that I could cover this cost?

I must ask Australian and New Zealand immigration to take my situation into account and to extend my visas.

Australian Immigration has processed my application from approximately June 14, 2001 to approximately February or March of 2002. They (Tiffany Armour) told me that they are awating for police clearance from the USA. Is this the evidence of corruption?

Michael Moore has not responded to my message for more than a week. If he has received my message, Is this the evidence that Mochael Moore is also corrupt?

It seems that Radio ERA FM ( is very corrupt. As well as the newspaoer “Litsa” (“The Persons”) ( ). These are media which support Yuschenko as Ukrainian president. Newspaper “Dnipro Vechirnij” ( is also probably very corrupt.

Please look for the picture of Natalia Zmicerevska on the Internet (using search engine for Natalia Zmicerevska) and tell me whether You think she is brautiful or not.

Could You please respond to my messages so that I can see wheather You receive them or not?

I am a member of alumni association of Duke University but it seems that I was not allowed to send my message to International House mailing list at Duke university as well as to other mailing lists. Could You please help to resolve this problem?

Read this carefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot find all papers, articles, books, etc. on the Internet as Professor Victor Flambaum has suggested because My access to the Internet is very limited.
Pressure on me by the police and other people continues. I cannot study properly, I cannot even live properly. I cannot write about all my problems.
Even religious groups whom I ask for help usually use violence against me.
The local Life Line does not help me.
All main politicians , human rights organizations, and other people whom I asked for protection ignore me.
Natalia Zmicerevska has shown that she does not like Ukrainian language and me as a Ukrainian. She spoke Russian language with Moscow accent. I doubt that she is from Latvia.

!!!!! Please read all this message very carefully.
I have decided to come (go) to Australia now because I urgently need more literature for my Ph.D. thesis. I have about 4000 $. I will probablu spend all this money for going back and forth.
I would like to ask Asustraliam immigation to take my situation into account and let me into Australia on my current student visa (which could be cancelled wnen I have left Australia on September 3, 2004.

Read this carefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need exact reference to the following source: Limits on temporal variation of fine structure constant, quark masses and strong interaction. Author: Victor Flambaum, may be published in 2003, Queensland, Australia.

!!!!! Please read all this message very carefully.
My sister still had not called me. She probably does not care about me or she had not received my messages.
I have not received any information in physics. Thus, I must try to go to Australia as soon as possible to get this information.
In pre-print I, on psge 5, what is sigma n? Is it a scalar product? If not, what is it?
Here in Ukraine I cannot get any medical certificate regarding my mental health.
I would like to donate all my money to more deserving people. Please help to find the most deserving people.
I would like to return all scholarships I have won because I do not deserve them.
I still have problems with access to the Internet.
Sorry for repeattinf the same things.

Read this carefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pressure on my family and me continues. This time I had problems with Ukrainian psychiatrists. They have used violence against me. I have been attacked and provoked in public transport here in Ukraine many times. There are many other problems that my family and I are having with the government and may be some individual people. I cannot describe everything. I do not have enough time, money and other resources to describe everything which has happened with my family and me.
I would like to ask to consider all my messages very seriously (as seriously as possible). My messages re very chaotic but I had to make them chaotic and a bit crazy to destruct attention of my opponents. Also, it is difficult for me to make my messages more systematic because of the pressure that I am under. I suspect that someone may distort content of my messages to You and/or send more or less messages than I am trying to send. Please send me copies of all messages which You have received from me to try to check whether You receive what I send. I am not good at Internet technologies, so I do not know what methods can my opponents use against me (if I have any opponents at all).
Please call me immediately. My phone numbers are bellow.
I hope that The investigators (detectives) will help to find out the truth soon.

!!!!! Please read all this message very carefully.
I need to ask Professor Victor Flambaum to send me publications of the recent conferences, workshops, etc. on atomic clocks. Professor Victor Flambaum said that there should be new conferences, workshops, etc. by now.

Read this carefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like to ask My sister, Olexandra Pyrozhenko to call me immediately. Otherwise, I may kill myself. Last time I spoke with my sister I could not hear most of what she was saying. I am not sure what she could hear. My relatives told me that my sister called when I was not at home. I need to talk to my sister as soon as possible and I must hear all what she says and she must hear all what I say.

I would like to ask people from the School of Physics at UNSW and/or Dr. Mikhail Kozlov to help me with papers, programs, etc. if it is possible.
I have some more questions in physics:
What does “Curtis” mean in Moore Table?
I need copies of pages 143 and 144 from doctoral dissertation of Dr. Vladimir Dzuba ( I mean dissertation in Russian language).

I need pre-print-3 (III), 1990:
In Russian language: Dzuba V.A. Kompleks program dlia zadach atomnoj fiziki III. Raschet korrelacionnyh popravok. Novosibirsk 1990 (pre-print/In-t jadernoj fiziki SO AN USSR; 90-9).

I also need the following sources of information:
W.J. Marciano, Phys. Rev. Lett. 52, 489 (1984);
D. Rarrow. Phys. Rev. D. 35 1805 (1987);
T. Damour, A.M. Polyakov, Nucl. Phys. B. 423, 596 (1994);
D.A. Varshalovich, Potekhin, Spasce Sci. Rev. 74, 259 (1995).

Why large value of second derivative is the evidence of strong interaction between levels?

@@!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please read all this message very carefully. You may or may not save my life and lives of my family members.
One of the examples of provocations against me was that people are farted in front of me and I had to smell their farts. Jeff Geha has done that, Harry (who worked for Jeff Gambin) has done that, Natalia Zmicerevska has moved her body into a position as if she wants to fat, she also belched (whatever is the right way to say it in English language) in front of me, her mimics in front of me was very strange.
I have probably been provoked by Jweff Gambin and Alina Gambin and/or other people (for example by people from Internet cafЁ¦ Ў°RevolutionЎ±, located at Topolia-1, 60 Dnipropetrovsk 49000 Ukraine telephone: (38 0 56) 7762916), with pornography.
I do not have proper access to e-mail. I do not have proper access to the Internet. May be because of hacker attacks. I do not know exactly why. So, You are my only hope. Could You please forward this message to all relevant organizations and people? I mean human rights organizations, secret services of all main countries (CIA, FBI, MOSAD, MI6, FSB, KGB, SBU, etc.), International non-governmental organizations such as Transparency International, Human Rights Watch, United Nations, to all media (especially television stations), etc. .
Even my father, why is strongly against me thinks that I will be killed soon.
I have declared a dry hunger strike. This means that I do not eat anything and I do not drink anything. If I continue this dry hunger strike I will die in few days from now.

I and my parents and grand mother have been tortured by the police. Everybody is afraid to help me.
Violence has been used against me (physical, psychological, may be psychotronic, may be psychotropic, and may be other forms of violence.
I need an independent psychiatric assessment as soon as possible. I think I may have been persecuted for political reasons.

In the paper Alpha dependence . . . Si II, Cr II, . . . , Authors: Dzuba, Flambaum, Kozlov, Marchenko. On page 2: Why for the same term there are q with different signs? I mean for Fe II: J=7/2, I mean numbers 1210 and -1300 .

i have decided to kill myself.

I would like to ask my sister Olexandra Pyrozhenko to phone me immediately because i have decided to kill myself. I may kill myself any time.

What is basis function (i need as precise definition as possible).

In Russian: Sashe Pirozhenko: pozvoni pozalujsta domoj (38 0 562) 960138. Ja oplachu vse zatraty na telefonnyj razgovor. Ja obsledujus u psihitrov mne nuzen sovet!!!!!!!! Srochno!!!!!!! Pozvoni primerno v 19:00 po kievskomu vremeni.

I am studying very hard.

I would Like to Ask Dr. Mikhail Kozlov to e-mail me his programs of methods similar to the ones used by Dr. Vladimir Dzuba (but with Brait correction and/or other additional features) . I need this program to understand the methods better.

I would Like to Ask Julian Berengut to e-mail me his programs of methods used by Dr. Vladimir Dzuba, which have been rewritten in C++ (or/and any other object oriented language). I need this program to understand the methods better.

Could You please e-mail me the following papers (articles):

1. E. Lindorth, A..-M. Martensson-Perndrill, A. Ynnermann, and P. Oster, J. Phys. B 22, 2447 (1989);

2. V.A. Dzuba, V.V. Johnson, Phys. Rev. A. 57, 2459 (1998);

3. M.G. Kozlov and S.G. Porsev, Opt. Spectrosc, 87, 352 (1999);

4. S.G. Porsev , M.G. Kozlov, Y.G. Rakhlina, and A. Derevianko, Phys. NRev. A. 64, 012508/1 (2001);

5. J.-P.Uzan, Rev.Mod.Phys. 75, 403 (2003).


Could You please copy Your message to

I am seeing a psychiatrist today. I will be given medication today, so I hope to stop attacking people.

Could You please forward this message to Tamara (a Ukrainian Russian woman at School of Phys., UNSW?

Could You please forward this message to all kind and honest people who may be able to help me?

Read this carefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am studying very hard.
I would Like to Ask Dr. Mikhail Kozlov to e-mail me his programs of methods similar to the ones used by Dr. Vladimir Dzuba (but with Brait correction and/or other additional features) . I need this program to understand the methods better.
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