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I would Like to Ask Julian Berengut to e-mail me his programs of methods used by Dr. Vladimir Dzuba, which have been rewritten in C++ (or/and any other object oriented language). I need this program to understand the methods better.
Could You please e-mail me the following papers (articles):
1. E. Lindorth, A..-M. Martensson-Perndrill, A. Ynnermann, and P. Oster, J. Phys. B 22, 2447 (1989);
2. V.A. Dzuba, V.V. Johnson, Phys. Rev. A. 57, 2459 (1998);
3. M.G. Kozlov and S.G. Porsev, Opt. Spectrosc, 87, 352 (1999);
4. S.G. Porsev , M.G. Kozlov, Y.G. Rakhlina, and A. Derevianko, Phys. NRev. A. 64, 012508/1 (2001);
5. J.-P.Uzan, Rev.Mod.Phys. 75, 403 (2003).
Could You please copy Your message to
I am seeing a psychiatrist today. I will be given medication today, so I hope to stop attacking people.
Could You please forward this message to Tamara (a Ukrainian Russian woman at School of Phys., UNSW?
Could You please forward this message to all kind and honest people who may be able to help me?

My father is putting pressure on me not to stand for the truth. My telephone (38 0 562) 960138 has been disconnected probably by SBU and/or my father. My another telephone (38 0 56) 3708958 may be disconnected any time. Please help!!!
I am prosecuted for political reasons.
I need to know who wanted to kill me and to punish those responsible.
I think that SBU together with ASIO and/or may be other secret services tried to kill me.

I have strong evidence that Natalia Zmicerevska is an ASIO spy. They used her as a weapon against me but the monster turned on them.

No honest person can accept the results of Ukrainian presidential elections on December 26, 2004.
This is an extremely important message. It is very chaotic, i cannot write it better because of the circumstances.
I am sorry if You do not care about the content of this message. If this is the case just do not read it.

I am extremely busy working on my doctoral thesis in physics. I have only few months left to finish everything. I am under extreme pressure. Also, i think that SBU and/or other secret services (CIA, FBI, FSB, SBU, ASIO, Mosad, MI6, etc.) may try to influence me.
I do not have time to tell everything now. It is horrible. Please contact me on my contact details bellow (telephone, postal addresses, e-mail, etc.).
Your reaction to this message will show who You really are.

Please do all You can to appeal the results of elections of Ukrainian president on December 26, 2004. There was significant fraud. Ukrainian people were not given all available information relevant to elections.

Please help me to contact Ukrainian Socialist party (leader Olexander Moroz).!!!

I am trying to send this message to all e-mail addresses which exist in the world. I am trying to send this message to CIA, FBI, FSB, SBU, ASIO, Mosad, MI6, Interpol, police, all main media around the world, all human rights organizations, all honest people around the world, prosecutor offices around the world, etc.. Please help me to send this message to everybody.

If i am wrong, i am very sorry and take all my words back. If I am right, i would like to ask people whom i accuse of corruption to give themselves up to the police. In this way a lot of resources will be saved.
I think that the following people may be corrupt: Dr. Jacinda Ginges, Dr. Treneman (I am not sure what is the exact spelling), Dr. Mathew Holton, Dr. Vicky Sundukov (I am not sure what is the exact spelling), my case manager Jude (At Glebe community health center in Sydney, Australia), Miles (member of crisis team at Glebe community health center in Sydney, Australia, I have also seen him playing soccer as a goal keeper at Colon park in Rozzele, in Sydney , Australia), Elina Tyha and her husband, my sister, my father, some other doctors and/or nurses at Auckland mental hospital (New Zealand), at Sydney prince Alfred Hospital, located near Sydney University, Australia, Annie Andrews (head of psychology service at UNSW), David Jonas (computer guy at the School of Physics, UNSW), Susanna Wong, Zoe (see messages of these people in my e-mail addresses), Judi Moy, Michael Wang, Tom (nurse in Auckland mental hospital), William Zadorsky, Olena Komarenko (e-mail:, Eugene Kiseliov (migration agent in Australia), Pavlo Khazan (he told me not to seek the truth and to finish my Ph.D. in physics), Robert Healey (e-mail: or, he talked a lot about how people commit suicide with another person in front of me).

My sister told me not to communicate with Natalia Zmicerevska.

Dr. Jacinda Ginges could try to provoke me. For example, she said that someone in the toilet had diarrhea (Julian Berengut who also head that said that he cannot hear that), she often said that she went to the toilet, she said that in the croud someone has farted and she was afraid that people could think that it was her.

I have shown my correspondence with Tim Parrot to Dr. Jacinda Ginges , Dr. Tim Byrnes (e-mail: and with Julian Berengut. Dr. Tim Byrnes suggested to subscribe Tim Parrot to porn sites, Dr. Jacinda Ginges asked me why i was replying to Tim Parrot, Julian Berengut said nothing.

Michael Marchenko (me) is the same person as Natalia Moseychuk.

I have corrected some of information bellow, so please read everything carefully again.

May be my application for permanent residency in Canada will be refused because of corruption.
I have corrected so of information presented bellow. So please read it very carefully again.
Did You and/or anybody else try to kill me? If yes, why? If not, why? If yes, who?
Jeff Geha told me not to think at all. But if I do not think. I will be killed by buss or something.
I have failed to kill myself. Now I deserve death even more than before. I will kill myself as soon as possible.
My sister and My father are trying to stop me from doing the right thing. Probably my father is under pressure from SBU. My mother may also be under pressure from SBU because my mother told me that I said to her twice that she is CIA spy. I do not know whether my mother told me the truth or what SBU wants her to tell me.
May be someone is putting pressure on my sister to stop me from fighting for the truth.
Also, Elina Tyha (psychologist ) and her husband (psychiatrist with 20 years of experience) has given me diagnosis schizophrenia. I think they may be corrupt. May be my sister and/or the West is influencing them.
I am now trying to have an independent psychiatric assessment.
This is urgent.
Tim Parrot (if this is a real name) e-mailed me presenting evidence that I am watched (it was very scary for me) and demanded to leave the country (at that time I was in New Zealand). When I have met with New Zealand government officials they advised me to change my place of stay and to live very quiet life.
Tim Parrot aid that strange police is looking for me(he was probably talking about secret services).
Also, I have evidence that New Zealand Immigration service war purposefully made decision on my application for permanent residency in New Zealand for too long time.
My application for permanent residency in Australia was refused in a corrupt way. I have applied as physicist but my application was refused as if I applied as a computer professional. My this application was refused on February 13, 2003. My last case officer was Jeff Lennards. I applied through Obdusman Office but it did not help.

I do not have time to write about all horrible things which happened to me in the USA, Australia and New Zealand. I always remember more and more terrible things.
May Be SBU was trying to use me in the West and western secret services new that and they put pressure on me. May be I have been used by many secret services of different countries.
I am just trying to be an honest person the best I can.
I will try to write about everything which has happened to me later. I hope I will be allowed to use the Internet by SBU.

It seems that SBU and western secret services (FBI, ASIO, ets.) do not want me to publish information which I possess because if I publish my information, some people may end up in prison.

I consider Cliff (who is a friend of Jeff Gambin and who lives on Day avenue in Sydney, Australia) as someone who put a lot of psychological pressure on me by trying to convince me to have Muslims and everybody who opposes the West.
Alina Gambin told me in about 2001 that she wants her sick father to die as soon as possible in order not to create problems for Alina Gambin and for her mother. If this is true. I must also die because I also create a lot of problems for people.

Jeff Gambin told me they I do nothing for him when I asked Jeff Gambin to take my work into account when Jeff Gambin demanded to pay money for my accommodation. Jeff Gambin said that I was doing nothing for Jeff Gambin. At the same time Jeff Gambin said that I must do this work for Jeff Gambin. (I worked for about 30 minutes every evening, sometimes I helped to serve food to homeless people, I worked all weekends many times for Jeff Gambin).

Western interest groups tried to make me their spy so that I promote their interests in Ukraine. Their probably hoped that I will take an important position in Ukraine. Their tried to bribe me and to threaten me. They have failed. Then they have probably realised that they have given me too much information of the methods which they use. They have probably decided to kill me in such way so that there will be almost no evidence. That is what they probably tried to do.

I Think that William Mykhaylovych Zadorsky is an SBU spy. I have met him kind of by accident near channel 11 (near the Intercetion of Karl Max Avenue and Korolenko Street in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine. Zadorsky said that someone has been killed during the elections on December 26, 2004 in Ukraine ( he has probably said this to threaten me) (but I have not found any evidence that anybody was killed).
I have a meeting with Zadorsky on December 28, 2004 at 1 PM, at The University of Chemical Engineering in Dnipropetrovskl, Ukraine.
I think that Zadorsky used me against Western secret services.
I think SBU is trying to use me at least from the year 1999. May be even earlier because my father cooperated with SBU for some time in the past.

I have complained into two prosecutor offices in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine: 38 Karl Max Avenue , Dnipropetrovsk 49000 Ukraine (regional office) and 17 Myronova Street, Dnipropetrovsk 49000 Ukraine (Babushkin district office). There is no reaction yet. Not all my complains were accepted.
This is very importnant!!! This is chaotic message but please try to put everything in order. I cannot do this myself now.
Tom at the food van of Jeff Gambin (Just Enough Faith ( tried to convince me to kill myself. Tom said that it is very easy to die through overdose of heroin. He also described a movie where people who commited suicides have been described. Tom probably tried to convince me that killing myself is not bad at all. Tom said that his friend who sufered of cancer has killed himself.
I cannot have access to my e-mail addresses,, etc.
I suspect that SBU and/or other secret services do not allow me to use these addresses.
My name is Mykhaylo Marchenko.
Date of birth: July 4, 1972
Place of birth: Dnipropetrovsk , Ukraine
Telephone: ( 38 0 562 ) 960138, ( 38 0 56) 3708958.
Address of residence : 13 Astrahanska Street, Dnipropetrovsk 49066 Ukraine.
Address of official registration: Chervony Kamin , 4, apt . 159, Dnipropetrovsk 49099 Ukraine.
People try to kill me because i have evidence of their corruption.
SBU ( is very corrupt and does almost nothing to solve the problem.
There was a significant fraud at Ukrainian elections again. This time because my information about corruption has not been published.

Please read this very important information.
Happy new year and marry Christmas!
Natalia Moseychuk is not my real name. Moreover, i am a man.
I consider myself as a representative of Ukrainian public, not Ukrainian government.
I am concerned for my safety. That is why i want to describe myself to the whole world so that the public can protect me easier from SBU, CIA, FSB and/or any other organizations and/or people.
My height is 184 cm (about 6 feet and half inch), my weight is 71 kg (or about 200 pounds). I have dark hair and dark eyes. I am a very bad man. I wear old and ugly clothing. I wear black hat, green coat, gray pants, gray sport shoes, black socks, green underpants (with the hole in them). I probably look a litte bit like homeless but clean. My hair is long ( I had no hair cut for about 4 or 5 months). I usually carry green bag about 25 cm per 35 cm.
I usually walk though the streets of Perekopska Paramoha, Herojiv Stalinhradu and through Topolia ЁC1 of the City of Dnipropetrovsk. Also, I usually go to Chervony Kamin. Moreover, i live with relatives of Michael Marchenko. I ofen visit channels 11 and 9 in Dnipropetrovsk, headquarters of different political parties.
I would like to ask , CIA, FSB and/or any other organizations and/or people to leave me alone. I would like to live normal life. If you do not stop watching me, i will inform the world public about your methods.
Also, SBU should protect the interests of the Ukrainian public, not only the interests of the Ukrainian government. I accuse SBU of corruption.

Please make sure that Ukrainian mass media publishes my evidence against the West today. Otherwise, Ukrainian public will not know the truth. And the results of the elections will not reflect real will of Ukrainian people.
I will go to channels 11 and 9 in Dnipropetrovsk and try to persuade them to publish this information today.

Natalia Moseychuk.

You must act now because today, on December 24, 2004 is the end of agitation in Ukrainian presidential campaign 2004.
Read this important information:
Your reaction to this message will show who you really are.
So far everybody was afraid to publish this information probably because everybody is afraid of Western secret services. But I have very strong evidence against Western secret services.
Headquarters of Ukrainian presidential candidate Victor Yanukovich (Yanukovych) are not willing to publish information from me before the elections probably because they do not believe they can win these elections.
They are probably scared that their money and /or assets in the West will be frozen.
Contact details of Headquarters of Ukrainian presidential candidate Victor Yanukovich (Yanukovych) in Dnipropetrovsk region (province( oblast)):
Telephone: (38 0 562) 316200
Address: 1A Seriv Street, Dnipropetrovsk 49000 Ukraine.
Please contact me using contact details of Michael Marchenko.
Michael Marchenko is missing. May be he killed himself or someone else killed him. If You know where he is or may be please let me know. (Misha Marchenko, or Myshko Marchenko, or Mykhaylo Marchenko, or Mikhail Marchenko, etc.)
SBU ( does not care about M.Marchenko neither for state security of Ukraine.
Someone has cut telephone of M.Marchenko with the number (38 0 562) 960138.
I need time on Ukrainian national television channel(s) and/or Russian cannel(s), and or other TV cannel(s) which are watched in Ukraine and may be in other countries of the world, today (24 December 2004 or as soon as possible). Today 24 December 2004 is the last day of agitation for any candidate in Ukraine before the elections on December 26, 2004.
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