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I will try to type some notes which Michael Marchenko has left:
I consider this my information war with my opponents as the war between Christian values (10 commandments ) and human nature.
My addiotional opponents include Grant, Harry (they work and/or work for Jeff Gambin).
On December 23, 2004 i felt extreme pain in the back (i could not move) just after i thought what i must do before i die. I have never head this before in my life. I have read in neuroscience book that pain in the back usually caused by the problems in central nervous system. May be this is influence of secret services (psychotronic and/or anything else).
My father and grandmother were witnesses.
I am trying to make sure that resources of the world will be used more efficiently and with more equity than it is now.
I am trying to promote anti-corruption revolution in the West.
May be prime minister of Australia John Harvard will suffer because he is a friend of Jeff Gambin.
It is very important to publish all my information before the elections in Ukraine because in that case Ukrainian people would have more complete information to make their decision whom to vote for.
Natalia Moseychuk.
This is an important message. Please read it carefully. Sorry for chaotic message. I tried my best.

I have been attacked in Sydney, Australia on September 17, 2003 on Anzac Parade, near boys school, near the monument on Anzac Parade, on the opposite side of Anzac parade from boys school. It was almost exactly anniversary of death of my cousin, Andrij Marchenko. Who died in accident in 1992 at this time. He was 25. He has left very small daughter. Our family suffered a lot. I have given this information (about my cousin, Andrij Marchenko) to host family (in Australia) where i was staying from October 18, 2000 to about November 1, 2000.
On September 23, 2003 i have been attacked again on the same place by similar group of people. This time they were on bicycles. They followed me for about few hundred meters. I was running away from them. I was very scared. I rushed into the shop in Flinders Street (near Oxford Street) in Sydney, Australia. One of the attackers entered the shop after me, approached me , looking at me with threat. They he has left. I have called the police but the police have not detained anybody as usually.
Police threatened to arrest me.

I was almost a slave for Jeff Gambin and Alina Gambin. I stayed with them, paid them money for staying and worked for them very much. I thought Jeff Gambin and Alina Gambin are trying to help me to overcome my fear and stress. I have realized later that they probably wanted to make my situation much worse. They even tried to push me to kill myself.

Also, many people on the internet tried to persuade me to kill myself.

I have been prosecuted for political reasons in the West.
There is no free speech in The West. There is no democracy in the West.
In New Zealand i was attacked on the street when i tried to eat with homeless people to save some money. Local Police refused to detain people who attacked me.
I was threatened through the Internet and in other ways. As a result I had my first crisis on Friday the 13 of June 2003. I have been hospitalized into Auckland mental hospital on June 14, 2003.
They have given me suspicious medication. I went absolutely crazy. They said they have given me lithium but the reaction to this medication was probably very different. I had two extreme panic attacks.
Doctors allowed me to call home (may be someone tried to listen what i will say to my family to find out what i am thinking about).
I have been provoked and threatened in mental hospital. For example. Suddenly i saw a very big man near my room in the hospital. My nurse (ethnical Polish, may be Jewish woman) who made me feeling much worse than before by threatening me when i asked for her emotional support, has come with this big man into my room in the middle of the night and this big man has read my name in Ukrainian language (Mykhaylo Marchenko) and in New Zealand i have given only my English name (Michael Marchenko). I asked who is this man. My nurse told me that he is a nurse and he is in the hospital for a purpose but she cannot tell me for what purpose. I asked this man to show me his identification document (ID). He refused.
Before that one of the patients said that this man is from the police and he has come to get me. I was also told that Hon Kong banks are also after me (At that time i communicated with one girl from Hon Kong).
Police threatened to arrest me. But police refused to protect me.
I have been attacked on the street many times, robbed, punched, threatened, etc.

This is very important message for You and for the world. Sorry for chaotic message. I had no time to make it better.

My additional opponents are: Prof. Victor Flambaum, Dr. Jacinda Ginges, Prof. Korry Crupp, Prof. Natalia Mirovitskaya, Prof. Stefano Ponte.

Please check very carefully all information which is presented in this message.
I have received phone calls from Jeff Geha and Michael Ormsby. Jeff Geha sounded very scared. He asked me to stop trying to change the world immediately. Jeff Geha told me to save my family instead of trying to save the world. He has repeated the same things at least two times.
For me this is the evidence that i am doing the right thing.

Ukrainian Psychologist Pavlo (tel.: (38 0 562) 316200) says that i not mentally ill. I am a normal Ukrainian.
The document from Australian psychiatric institutions is without signature (which is very suspicious). Also, it says that the author of the document is Dr. Tracey Fay. I have never seen this doctor. I doubt that this doctor exists. Could You please check whether this doctor exists in Either Glebe Community Health center, or in Prince Alfred hospital, or anywhere else in the world.
This document from Australian psychiatrists says that i am either schizophrenic or bipolar and i must continue taking Risperidone.
But my father and i think that my mental illness was extreme fear which was the result of pressure on me. I have been given very strange medications which have made me absolutely crazy. I have been threatened, provoked even in mental hospitals. Some doctors and nurses put a lot of pressure on me. Susanna Wang who visited me in Auckland (New Zealand) mental hospital can be a witness.
Most of my doctors and nurses were Americans (in New Zealand).
I can talk infinitely about all threats and provocations against me.

I am probably dying today (as i said before). It is too boring for me to live in the world where these people are in power. Many of my opponents are Jewish. Even if i am going to win this information war somehow and take important position in the world, i am also partly Jewish. I think i is fair to give all people in the world equal chances to influence situation in the world.

Michael Ormsby said that he is on my side in this information war (i hope he is telling the truth).

I suspect that my opponents are using against me psychotronic weapons and/or psychological weapons and/or other weapons as well as information weapons. I can only use information weapons.
There were many hacker attacks on computers and internet sites and e-mail addresses which i use.

My story is very long and will probably not be able to tell all my story by the end of December 23, 2004 (deadline until which i may need to die).

Please forward all my messages to Interpol (because many of my opponents are probably in many countries around the world), FBI, CIA, Mosad, MI6, FSB (Russia), SBU (Ukraine, ASIO, New Zealand intelligence and other state security services and/or intelligence services, to all main media (especially television stations), human rights organizations, and all other relevant places. I do not have money to do that.

Please note that Jeff Gambin and Alina Gambin still have not contacted me. This may mean that they want me to die today (December 23, 2004).

In 2003 there was at least one hacker attack on my computer at the UNSW.
I have attacked my opponents in 2000 (Prof. William Ascher has left Duke University in 2000). My next attack was in 2003 (i was told by my sister who is in the USA now, that Ascher has left USA and went either to Korea or South Africa). I do not know. Where he is now. Do You know?

My sister supports Ascher because she cares for her children and she is not prepared to sacrifice her life to make anti-corruption revolution in the West and may be in the world.
I accused my sister of corruption because my sister does not care about children of other women say in Africa and/or other poor countries.

Professor Ross Mensis told me that he went to poor countries to watch how the people are dying. Professor Ross Mensis said that these people will die in about 2 weeks but they are happy and they are dying with the smiles on their faces. To me it sounds like philosophy of Nazi scientists who observed people dying in concentration camps. I think that Professor Ross Mensis should have tried to feed at least some of those people to help them to survive.

At the moment i am in the Internet Cafe caller Ў°RevolutionЎ± (symbolic name), its address: Topolia-1, 60 Dnipropetrovsk 49000 Ukraine, telephone: (38 0 56) 7762916.

If i win this information war, this is going to be because of Your purity, if i lose, it is going to be because of my corruption.

All media, political parties , even Ukrainian KGB say that they are scared to publish and/or investigate the facts i present because they do not have enough resources and/or desire to fight against the West. But they may not telling me the whole truth.

I would like to ask Jeff Gambin and Alina Gambin (Just Enough Faith Foundation (JEFF) ) and/or other my opponents to stop this suicidal program in my head. Otherwise i may kill myself. I cannot stop this program myself because this program has been put into my head during many years by very smart people. I do not have so much resources to do similar thing to stop this suicidal program in my head. sO the only way for me to survive is for my opponents to stop this program immediately. Otherwise i may die tomorrow (kill myself) on December 23, 2004 as i said before.
Silence of Jeff and Alina Gambins is the evidence that they are guilty in trying to push me to suicide.
Jeff Gambin and Alina Gambin tried to push me to suicide. Evidence: Alina Gambin described suicide of one girl to me in many detail after i asked Alina Gambin for emotional support. Jeff Gambin told me that Alina Gambin is worrying that i am dead in my room. People at the kitchen of Jeff Gambin told me that i want to kill myself (Wane said that), Grant who also worked for Jeff Gambin said that most of mentally ill people like me kill themselves, there is a way to survive according to Grant but i could not understand what he means.
If i am wrong in anything , i am very sorry and take everything back , i do not want to offend anybody.
In my opinion the list of my opponents is the following:
Professor William Ascher, Jeff Gambin, Alina Gambin, Professor Ross Mensis, Dr. Ron, Jeff Geha, Michael Ormsby (, Julian Berengut (his desk is next to my desk at the uni. Of NSW, he helped me with my studies, he told me that Jeff Geha sincerely wants to help me and that Natalia Zmicerevska is very dangerous to me), Prof. Francis Lethem (Duke uni.), Malcolm Legget and his wife Stephanie Lamm, Jonathan Abels and his wife, Susan Elinoff, Natalia Shcherbakova, Ekaterina Belous, David Thompson, David Usupashvili, Kartlos Gviniashvili and/or other organizations and people.
Jeff Geha called me couple of days ago. He promised to call every day but he lied. Probably he is afraid. He told me not to kill myself because only God can take my life. He told me that my life is unbearable. I said that my life is NOT unbearable and i sincerely believe that. Jeff Geha told me to take medication but i said that my mother who is probably mentally ill with something like schizophrenia has thrown away all my medication. i do not have enough money to buy more medication. When i said that i may not be able to abstain from killing myself, Jeff Geha seemed to like this ides and he has probably decided to end our conversation like that.
I would like to ask all my opponents to take my side because even if my opponents beat me in this information war again, it will not help in the long run.
I officially promise if i win this information war, i will not try to kill any of my opponents and will never try to push anybody to suicide (as my opponents tried to do to me).
I am working for Ukrainian KGB now. I work with Julia (a woman in her fifties). Unfortunately for me she is even much more stupid and lazy than i am. Her direct phone number is: (38 0 56) 7919240. Officer on duty: (38 0 56) 7448519. Address of the head office of Ukrainian KGB in Dnipropetrovsk province of Ukraine: 23 Chkaliv Street, Dnipropetrovsk 49000 Ukraine.
Julia is so stupid and lazy that i had to make photocopies of the documents against Ascher, Alina Gambin, Jeff Gambin and other people. This is a lot of documents. I have spent all money i had with me on photocopying and i had to walk home for about 20 kilometers, my feet are bleeding. Julia is often busy so she cannot meet with me. i had to study laws about Ukrainian KGB and today i will try to force Julia to do her job. I will threaten her with legal action against her if she continues to do nothing.
I have arrived to the USA on June 26, 1998 and i have been kicked out (deported) from USA on August 17, 1999.
Could You please forward this to the police, FBI, academic honesty service and to all other relevant addresses as soon as possible?.
My life is in danger because billions of dollars are probably at stake.
The main person here is my former research supervisor Professor William Ascher. He probably manages a lot of resources of the world. He was with Duke University, Durham, NC, USA until 2000. Later he was with Makena College in California.
I have been deported from the United States. I think illegally. I have been kicked out from Duke University , i think illegally too.
I studied public policy at the Institute of Public Policy, Program of International development research.
I have found the evidence of his corruption though working under his supervision and provoking him later using hotmail address with the name Natalia Moseychuk. He did not know that this was me and probably used one of the students (Oleksandr Savelyev from Ukraine, his e-mail was to silence me. I have suggested that Oleksandr Savelyev could not write this message against me because he is not interested in that and because his English language cannot be that good.
I think i will die on December 23, 2004 even if i will make a decision not to kill myself. I cannot get this suicidal program out of my head.
I will try to give myself up to the mental hospital on December 23, 2004 but it may not help.
So, if i am dead on December 23, 2004 could You please help to finish this business?
I need Your help immediately, otherwise i will die now. Please contact all honest people, human rights organizations, independent media, police, etc. If all honest people unite i may have a chance to survive.
I have very strong evidence that Professor William Ascher, Jeff Gambin, Alina Gambin, Jeff Geha, and may be some other people want me to die as soon as possible and do all they can to achieve that.
They do not respond to my messages.
I think al least some of my psychiatrists were bribed and/or threatened.
They made me to believe that i am absolutely crazy and all people that attack me threaten me are not real. Even the police does not help me, i do not know why.
These are my contact details:
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