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What do you mean by trying to help me become happier? What ever that mean is, well I really thank you and you even don''t expect anything in return. I''m just here also willing to help you the best I can. I''m happy that you believe Jesus Christ as the risen Messiah. My question is... have you accepted Him as your personal Lord and Savior? Believing is different from accepting, they must go together. When you will accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, you will let Him be the Master of your life.

I am a preschool teacher in a private pre-elementary school and so teaching preschool kids from 4 to 6 years of age. My education is different from my profession. I''m an accounting graduate but i dont passed the board exam and so I''m not a certified. But God is really using me in this field.

May I ask you questions also? It seems that you are a very influential person and have many connections. Sometimes, I''m afraid of you but as I said to myself as long as dont have done anything wrong why should I? No matter how a person is strong there is still a soft part in him. Am i right?
Here is my questions:
Q1. Do you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
Q2. Have you experience in your life the so called "born-again experience"?
Q3. I need to share the gospel of Jesus Christ to you?

If all of the above questions you answer them yes, then I think I don''t need to continue sharing Jesus with you but we can be friends in the internet as long as you want. May you enjoy the Christmas season. Regards and God bless you always!

Dear Mike,
Last November i met this young girl in the internet named Irene Garlo. She said she was from a refugee camp and she wants me to help her. We have limited time then to chat because she said she was only using the internet thru a friend. She was living with an old woman who sometimes gave her money. I dont know how can you help her in anyway but please do. I want to reach her but i dont know how can i help her. Maybe you are an answer to her. She is also a christian. Please help her. Thank you very much and God bless you always.
Подробности смотрите на
See the details at:
Date: 27 December 2005.
* Christmas, tsunami, elections, equity, law, etc.:
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!
On approximately Christmas Day (it was Christmas Day in Atlantic, America and Pacific) in 2004 tsunami hit Asia killing hundreds of thousands of people.
On approximately Christmas Day in 2004 Ukrainians “elected” more pro-American candidate as a President of Ukraine (Mr. Victor Yuschenko).
Does it all mean anything significant?
Did you wish happy 30-th birthday to mentally ill Olia on Christmas Day on 25 December 2005? She just told me that nobody from American Morning Star Church in Ukraine (which she attends) wished her happy birthday. Her telephone number is (38 0 56) 7781375.
I talk to the people at American Mormon Church (Later Day Saints ( in Dnipropetrovsk city, Ukraine (49 Karl Marx Avenue, Level 3, Dnipropetrovsk city, 49000 Ukraine). They told me that forcing people to do god things is wrong.
I respond: In that case why does the West need the strongest army in the world? Why do people have security officers, the police, and other law enforcement agencies?
Terror can deter Americans, Westerners, etc. from being too corrupt, from killing too many non-Westerners, etc.
If Americans, Westerners, etc. know that the World Terror Council (WTC) had approved death sentence to those offenders they may think twice before perpetrating another crime.
World Terror Council (WTC) can include all ordinary people, including homeless, poor, drug abuses, alcoholics, etc.

* Terror propaganda:
I am trying to be terror propaganda, trying to find honest people who would participate in terror attacks against the West, the USA, etc. if the West, the USA, etc. if they do not do the right thing, reduce corruption enough, give back what they have stolen, help non-Westerners with technologies to the extent that non-Westerners can stand for their interests and even kill Westerners if the Westerners are too corrupt.
* Победа терроризма неизбежна!
Мои оппоненты мне говорят, что я не смогу победить в борьбе с моими оппонентами.
Перефразируя слова Ленина, скажу: Победа терроризма неизбежна! (Ленин видимо говорил, что победа коммунизма неизбежна).
Почему же Победа терроризма неизбежна? Да по тому, что почти все влиятельные люди в мире в некотором смысле террористы (Джордж Буш, УОсама Бин-Ладен, …). Либо кто-то из них победит, либо все они будут уничтожены и погибнут. В любом случае победит терроризм.

* Протестантской церкви «Дверь в Небо»:
Один парень видимо из Протестантской церкви «Дверь в Небо» солгал мне. Кокой же он Христианин? Позвоните, пожалуйста, в Украине 8 800 5077750 (протестантам, …) и скажите им об этом.
В Альфе и Омеге (одной из протестантских молодежных организаций) я, похоже, очень популярен среди некоторых парней.
Они, похоже, внимательно читают мой сайт
и восторгаются моим уровнем знаний, аргументации.
Я себя считаю глупым и мне приятно слышать положительные отзывы обо мне. Надеюсь, что это не лесть.
Я постараюсь обновить мой сайт в начале (примерно в феврале-марте) 2006 года, поскольку сейчас я очень занят. Если Вас интересует последняя информация, которая еще не попала на напишите мне на адрес и я Вам постараюсь выслать последнюю информацию.
Time: approximately 6:30 PM Ukrainian time.
Date: 25 December 2005.
Пожалуйста, поздравьте психически больную Олю с 30-м Днем Рождения 25 декабря 2005 года (Католическое и Протестантское Рождество). Её телефон (38 0 56) 7781375. Её телефон в г. Днепропетровск, Украина 7781375.
Please wish mentally ill Olia happy 30-th birthday on December 25, 2005 (Christmas Day).
Her telephone number is : (38 0 56) 7781375.
Country code and area code are (38 0 56). The telephone number in Dnipropetrovsk city, Ukraine is: 7781375.
Вы не первая, кто высказывает такое мнение (что любви просто не существует). Видимо, чистая любовь это желание и возможность помочь объекту любви стать счастливее, не ожидая ничего в замен. В случае сексуального влечения я сознательно или подсознательно пытаюсь получить удовлетворение сексуальной потребности. Таким образом, сексуальное влечение не есть чистой любовью. Но ведь человеческая любовь – не идеальна, поэтому обычно любовью называют сексуальное влечение.
Date: 25 December 2005.
От Кого: Oleg Panfilov
Дата: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 13:22:03 +0300
Михаил, правдолюбец, рассылающий СПАМ, нуждается в тщательном

Избавьте меня от ваших писем, пожалуйста.


От Кого:
Тема: [+] Login information
Дата: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 11:54:28 +0200
This person or these people (who say that they e-mailed me to from have e-mailed me my password for my account
Please investigate this. How secure is information at
Michael Marchenko
Почему бесполезно Вас учить точным наукам? При Вашем желании это возможно. Вы видимо пытаетесь найти любимого мужчину. Наука о любви женщины и мужчины использует методы точных наук. Есть попытки вывести формулу любви. Такую попытку делал даже бывший ректор ДГУ (ДНУ) Присняков, уволенный примерно в 1998 году. У меня как у мужчины к Вам сильное влечение. Это любовь или нет? Как это описать методами точных наук?
Dear Nhel,
It is very good that You believe in Jesus Christ as the Risen Messiah! I believe in that too.
You are sincere and I respect You for that.
I am just trying to find out whether You are serving the interests of the West in any sphere of Your life too much at the expense of Your own interests and at the expense of the interests of Your country.
What is Your education? What do You teach the kids? (If You do not mind me asking).
You are one of those people who really deserve to be happy! I will try to help you to become happier expecting absolutely nothing from You in return. I will try to help you with better education, better employment, to find the best husband for You, etc. (if You let me to try to help You).
I wish I could marry You and make You happy.
Kind regards,
Fondly (with Love),

От Кого: Nhel Centeno
Дата: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 01:56:37 -0800 (PST)

Dear Mike,

Pls don''t misunderstood me also as I answer your mail. It''s true that I have many questions in mind regarding your personality but it doesn''t matter.

Yah! we have different educational background as well as different culture and many others. Your ideas and mine don''t really met even your goals and purposes in life is different from mine also. I respect your ideas, your ways to help people... that''s a noble task, but all of that will become futile if you will not offer those things to God.

Maybe you are thinking that I''ve been brain-washed by the western religion because I do believe in Jesus Christ as the Risen Messiah. The answer is a big NO!!! It''s just that I feel Jesus working in my life. I have many experiences of His miracles and His unconditional love.

Do you have any idea or any concrete evidence to where a person can get peace? I mean peace of mind and heart? Where can you find in this world peace and love to fill an empty heart of a person? ... that even in the middle of the chaos He will not get panic or troubled because he know that God is there to help him.

A human like us is a spiritual and emotional being and so we need a loving God to fill the vacuum in us. Do you believe that a human is compose of body, soul and spirit? You are teaching religion. Right? so you must know that. I will not insist my beliefs in you but please don''t close your mind to what I''m saying to you.

All you need is personal Lord that can help you in all your good works. Give Jesus a place in your heart. Regards and God bless.
God is the Creator of the world. He created men and women as a unique part of creation. But the human race has spoilt the basic design of God through disobedience and self-will. The human problem is the broken relationship with God, called SIN. The hope that this problem can be put right is only partially answered by the provision of SACRIFICE. Sacrifice could provide a way for man to com to God but it could not change human nature.

The message with Christianity brings, is that Jesus, the Son of God, who was present when God created the world, is the answer to the human problem. His death is a sacrifice which deals with human sin and guilt once and for all. His resurrection guarantees the resurrection of his followers. The Holy Spirit has been given to help men and women to live as God originally intended.

"... blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." (John 21:29b)
In Christ''s Service,
Date: December 24, 2005.
От Кого: Hardi Widjaja, Nils
Тема: RE: response as soon as possible preferably before Friday December 23, 2005
Дата: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 09:18:55 +1100
Кому: Michael Marchenko

Dear Mykhaylo,

Thank you for your email. I confirm that your email has been received.

Graduate Research School is currently investigating your case and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Nils Hardi Widjaja
Research Administration Officer
Graduate Research School
The University of New South Wales
Sydney, NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA
Phone: (+61) (2) 9385 4890
Fax: (+61) (2) 9385 6238

Cricos Provider: 00098G
IMPORTANT: The content of this email message and any documents attached to it,
may be priviledged and confidential. Any unauthorised use is strictly prohibited.
If you receive this electronic mail in error, please accept my apologies and delete it.
Thank you.
От Кого: Annie Andrews
Тема: RE: Annie Andrews:response as soon as possible preferably before Friday December 23
Дата: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 10:23:44 +1100
Кому: Michael Marchenko

HI Michael,
I have been talking with the university about your PhD candidature and I am sure that someone will be in touch with you very soon in the New Year to communicate about your request to re-enrol following your academic leave.

There is now a Graduate Research School established to assist graduate research students and they will be handling your re-enrolment application. Here is the web link for the Graduate Research School.

Have a read of the information and then just wait for someone from the GRS to get in touch with you about the 2006 academic year.

I will forward your email to me to my contact in the GRS so that they are aware of your concerns.

Have a good Xmas and a good holiday.

Annie Andrews
Director, Counselling Service
Level 2 East Wing Quadrangle Building
The University of New South Wales
NSW 2052
Tele: 02 9385 5418
Fax: 02 9385 6115
Counselling Service Email
UNSW CRICOS Provider Code: 00098G
IMPORTANT: This e-mail, including any attachments, may contain private or confidential information. If you think you may not be the intended recipient, or if you have received this e-mail in error, please contact the sender immediately and delete all copies of this e-mail. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not reproduce any part of this e-mail or disclose its contents to any other party.
My Statement of purpose or statement motivation, etc. for my application documents to Central European University, Budapest city, Hungary (

I am applying for 2 programs:
1. Ph.D. Program in mathematics and its applications.
2. Masters program in environmental science and policy.

* Main goals: My main goals include increasing of competitiveness of Ukrainian economy and economies of other transitional and developing countries to try to get rid of their dependence on developed countries, to improve transparency, accountability, equity, and to reduce corruption in the world.
* Methods: mathematics, logic, terror
* Preliminary conclusions: to improve economic situation in developing countries probably robbed by the West probably significantly due to its corruption, terror may help to reduce corruption in the West (the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, etc.) by creating threat to developed countries; if the West is too corrupt then terror against the West is justified.
* Evidence (proof) of the preliminary conclusions can be seen above and/or bellow.
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