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- Explanation:
I probably have very many different ideas on different topics and I am trying to show that I am aware of many things. Sometimes it results in chaotic presentation of information, jumping from one subject to another.
I am trying to be more systematic putting all these different complex ideas into one simple and beautiful system.
Bellow and/or above is a bullet plan of what methods may be important and/or feasible to learn and/or apply.
Some of these bullets are just questions or ideas, or statements which must be answered/developed better. I may be able to develop those ideas and answer those questions during and after my studies.
There may be more methods which I do not know yet and/or there may be more relevant and/or more feasible methods to use in public health.
If I am not specific enough in explaining how to help Australia and Indonesia, this probably means that I need to learn more about public health, acquire new skills, experience, etc.
What I write here is significantly taken from the literature and I will try to attach the reference list (……..).
* My future career plans (see,

My future career plans encompass the following:
** grow as a professional in weapons of mass destruction, in particular in nuclear weapons (I am a rocket scientist);
** trying to prevent drain of resources from Ukraine: brain-drain, human resources drain, natural resources drain, financial resources drain, etc.
** finishing my Ph.D. study programs in Australia, the United States, (the) Ukraine, etc.,
** learning methods, skills, etc. of warfare for equity (see attached information for details);
** helping to create powerful enough opposition to the Unites States in the world:
*** fighting corruption mainly in the United States;
*** spread nuclear weapons technology, nuclear missiles technologies, and satellite technologies for military purposes, etc.
*** information attacks mainly on the United States and the West;
*** (fair) terror against the United States and the West

* Women drain from Ukraine (human resources drain from Ukraine):
Many Ukrainian women marry Americans, Westerners in general and leave Ukraine.
It seems that Western media, in particular BBC try to facilitate this Women drain from Ukraine (human resources drain from Ukraine).
I am trying to study this issue very thoroughly.
So thoroughly that some Ukrainian women even share with me how exactly they had sex with Americans.

See additional attached information (,
6 PM, 22 December 2005.
* Physics, Ph.D.:
Dear Sir/Madam,
Please confirm the receipt of this message.
I need your response as soon as possible preferably before Friday December 23, 2005 (Friday December 23, 2005 is probably the last working day before holiday(s) (Christmas and New Year) plus time difference between Sydney city, Australia and Ukraine is 9 hours (Ukraine is 9 hours behind)) because I need to make urgent decisions regarding my work as a Ph.D. candidate.
According to the official documents of the University Of New South Wales (UNSW) I may lose my status of a Ph.D. studen




* Interests of mentally ill:
If organization of mentally ill people, alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, criminals, terrorists, those who are dying of incurable diseases, homeless, etc. have well organized organizational structure, financial support, intellectual support, real legal support (not the legal support they have now), nuclear weapons or something like that, etc. it would be easier to stand for interests of these people.
I consider all these people (mentally ill people, alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, criminals, terrorists, those who are dying of incurable diseases, homeless, etc.) as mainly mentally ill because people are often do bad things out of desperation not because they want to do bad things.
I know how it is dying when nobody cares and people probably even tried to push me to suicide.

* Vices:
I am trying to make contribution into understanding of causes of alcoholism, drug abuse, prostitution, mental illness, corruption, crime, etc. and the ways of overcoming of these problems.

* Obligations of the West:
Since the West possesses almost all knowledge, skills, money, facilities, etc. in the world the West should do the right thing and to increase the level of transparency, equity, and reduce the level of corruption in the world.
At this point in time non-Westerners cannot do very much to change the situation. Thus, non-Westerners can only rebel, become terrorists, etc.

* Terror journal, politics, honor code, legislation:
I suggest organizing scientific journal “Terror Thought” (mathematical modeling and computer simulation of terror, verbal description of terror, etc.), terror moral values, honor code of a terrorist, terror legislation, etc.
We (terrorists) should work out our plan of actions if we come to power somewhere in the world.

* Terror protection:
Since the society probably cannot protect people like me, I have decided to ask terrorists for protection.

* Physics:
I am still working on these proposals. These are not final drafts. Could you please suggest something useful on these drafts?
** Proposal in atomic physics:
- Topic: Variation of fine structure constant and many-body theory.
I plan to write proposal for Dr. Vladimir Dzuba focusing mainly on the method of calculations of energy levels of different atoms and ions using Hartree – Fock method, configuration interaction method, and many-body perturbation theory, etc.
Methods: Hartree – Fock method, configuration interaction method, and many-body perturbation theory, etc.
Here I plan to stick to the four papers in Physical Review (2002-2004-2005) where I am a co-author (see
I will try to suggest useful ideas to increase precision of these calculations.
The main researchers on this topic are Julian Berengut, Mikhail Kozlov, Vladimir Dzuba, and Johnson. Thus, the proposal can be formulated as study of works of the aforementioned academics and researchers.
The main idea is to calculate energy levels of different atoms and ions as precisely as possible using Hartree – Fock method, configuration interaction method, and many-body perturbation theory, etc. for different values of fine structure constant (fine structure constant is embedded into the computer code and can be varied there). By varying fine structure constant in the computer code and doing calculations for many values of fine structure constant we get dependency of energy levels of different ions and atoms on fine structure constant. In this may we may see the variation of fine structure constant in time and/or space.
Now I cannot do proper calculation myself. Thus, I can try to suggest some ideas only on the basis of analysis of literature and my previous experience of calculations.
The main possible ways of increasing the precision of these calculations:
-- Using more basis functions and allowing more excitations (this would require more computer power)
-- More precise Hamiltonian
-- More precise assessment of screening of valence electrons by core electrons
-- Perhaps it is possible to use more precise equation than Dirac equation
See for details.

** Proposal in nuclear physics:
- Topic: Variation of fundamental constants of nature and many-body theory.
In this proposal I plan to focus on my unpublished work on Big-Bang nuclear synthesis (BBN) under the guidance of Professors Victor Flambaum and Vladimir Dmitriev. See for details.

** Proposal in signal processing and pattern recognition
To process all information on Variation of fundamental constants it is necessary to apply signal processing and pattern recognition.
Here co-authors of Michael Murphy, Professor John Webb could probably be the ones to deal with regarding signal processing to try to get more precise information on variation of fundamental constants on the basis of calculations, quasar absorption spectra data, etc.
See for details.

Date: 16 December 2005.
* rebelled against Stalin!
My grandfather Timothy Marchenko rebelled against Stalin! How can I be scared today when the level of transparency seems to be much higher than under Stalin?
* Western secret services:
Western secret services (CIA, MI6, ASIO, etc.) may monitor my activities because I am trying to create threat to Americans, Canadians, Britons, etc. in Ukraine and around the world.

* Nuclear weapons:
Nuclear weapons probably require constant service otherwise they probably may explode.
Missiles and Nuclear weapons cost a lot of money (probably billions of dollars). This may be significant burden for courtiers like Iran, North Korea, etc.
It is probably worth to create weapons of mass destruction though because this probably increases security and safety, creates more obstacles for the USA and the West to kill, rape and rob our underdeveloped countries.
Thus, we (international terrorists) must help Iran, North Korea, etc. to create nuclear weapons, other weapons on mass destruction and have sustainable economies. If we fail to protect Iran, North Korea, etc. we are probably going to be the next.
* Creating Nuclear weapons:
The theory of quantum chromo- dynamics (QCD) is probably the best theory for description of processes in nuclear physics (weak and strong interactions, decays, etc.) and in atomic and nuclear bombs, etc.
Шановний Пане Сергію,
Чи можете Ви запропонувати якийсь дієвий план дій щодо збільшення В Україні кількості людей, які думають над тим - а що ж насправді є добрим для України?
Я намагаюся надавати українцям безкоштовну освіту. Я працюю з багатьма людьми безкоштовно.
Вишліть, будь-ласка, статтю Полунєєва про конкурентоздатність. Я її не читав.
Східно країни є набагато меншою загрозою для України, ніж Захід, оскільки Захід на багато більше розвинений (новітні технології, військові технології, шпигунські технології, випередження своїх конкурентів практично в усіх обновних напрямках, тощо).
Я спробую знайти спосіб підтримувати KOI8-U. Я намагаюся надсилати мої повідомлення також як додаток до електронного листа.
Ваша освіта видається мені дуже якісною та високого рівня.
Уся інформація, яку Ви мені надсилаєте може бути доступна іншим людям. Тому, будь ласка, не надсилайте мені нічого, що є якоюсь таємницею, тощо.
З повагою,
Михайло Марченко.
>Шановний Пане Серг?ю,
>Я знайомий з пан? Гуск?ною, спробую п?дготувати та провести громадське
>слухання з енергетично? пол?тики в друг?й половин? с?чня-лютому.
>Яка у вас осв?та та досв?д роботи?

У мене - Факультет управління та прикладної математики МФТІ,
закінчив у 1978 році. Працював в Інституті кібернетики НАНУ,
інституті "Союзгазпроект", вчився у аспірантурі ЦНДІ зв''язку у
Москві. Потім працював в "Зеленому світі", деякий час в
Національному ЕкоЦентрі України.

>Вважаю за необх?дне незах?дним кра?нам об??днуватися з метою протид?? д?ям
>Заходу проти незах?дних кра?н.

Україна раніше програє змагання зі східними країнами.

>Я згоден з Вами, що питання, як? я намагаюся п?дн?мати ? надзвичайно
>складними, але вважаю, що необх?дно намагатися вир?шити у першу чергу саме
>питання п?двищення конкурентноздатност? Укра?ни у св?т?.

Надішлю Вам статтю Полунєєва про конкурентоздатність, якщо Ви
її ще не бачили - напишіть, чи треба.

Він там, зокрема, звертає увагу на несолідарну поведінку
багатих в Україні до бідніших співгромадян.

>Т?льки Розбудова громадянського сусп?льства в Укра?н? може призвести до
>надм?рно? залежност? в?д Заходу, оск?льки Зах?д намага?ться нав?язати Укра?н?
>сво? бачення громадянського сусп?льства, яке просува? ?нтересу Заходу, часто
>за рахунок ?нтерес?в таких кра?н, як Укра?на.

Захід робить як краще для нього. В Україні мало людей, які
навіть думають над тим - а що ж насправді є добрим для

>З повагою,
>Михайло Марченко.

На все добре -

Сергій Ф-к
Serghiy M. Fedorynchyk ,
Director of Zeleny Svit Informational Centre,
Ukrainian Environmental Association "Zeleny Svit" (Green World)
Post address: post box 449, Kyiv-1, 01001, Ukraine;
Phone (380-44) 456-3435, fax connected manually on request
* Ph.D.:
От Кого: Vladimir DZUBA
Тема: Re: my status
Дата: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 19:48:45 +1100
Кому: Michael Marchenko

Zdravstvuyte Misha,

Ya rad, chto vashe sostoyanie uluchshilos. Nadeyus uluchshenie budet

O vashem statuse ya mogu sudit tolko po tem dokumentam, kotorye vy sami mne
preslali. To est ya znayu ne bolshe vas. Tem ne menee u menya est serioznye
somneniya, chto vy mozhete napisat dissertatsiyu. Ya vam uzhe ob etom pisal. Vy
mne togda ne poverili - ne poverite i seychas. Poetomu u menya est takoe
predlozhenie: napishite hotya by stranitsu svyaznogo teksta, imeyuschego
otnoshenie k vashey dissertatsii. Pust eto budet libo plan dissertatsii, libo
nachalo vvedeniya. Posle etogo posmotrim.

Nadeyus, vy ponimaete, chto tot plan, kotoryi vy rassylali kakoe to vremya
nazad, nikuda ne goditsya. Eto byl skoree plan na 3-4 Nobelevskie premii (esli
ego vypolnit) chem na odnu PhD.

Vsego horoshego,

Vladimir Dzuba
Date: 15 December 2005.
* БЮТ:
Руководитель фракции БЮТ в Украинском парламенте Андрей Шкиль на передаче Савика Шустера «Свобода Слова» сказал, что математика неприменима в политике. Видимо Андрей Шкиль не разбирается достаточно в математике. Андрей Шкиль похоже мастер политических интриг, хотя как профессионал управления он, похоже, слаб. Петр Порошенко явно переигрывал Андрея Шкиля по уровню знаний обязанностей председателя совета национальной безопасности и обороны Украины.
* Екологія:
Шановний Пане Сергію,
Я знайомий з пані Гускіною, спробую підготувати та провести громадське слухання з енергетичної політики в другій половині січня-лютому.
Яка у вас освіта та досвід роботи?
Вважаю за необхідне незахідним країнам об’єднуватися з метою протидії діям Заходу проти незахідних країн.
Я згоден з Вами, що питання, які я намагаюся піднімати є надзвичайно складними, але вважаю, що необхідно намагатися вирішити у першу чергу саме питання підвищення конкурентноздатності України у світі.
Тільки Розбудова громадянського суспільства в Україні може призвести до надмірної залежності від Заходу, оскільки Захід намагається нав’язати Україні своє бачення громадянського суспільства, яке просуває інтересу Заходу, часто за рахунок інтересів таких країн, як Україна.
З повагою,
Михайло Марченко.

От Кого: "Serghiy M. FEDORYNCHYK" fedoryn@GrWorld.FreeNet.Kiev.UA
Тема: Re: шукаю щирих, чесних, не байдужих людей …..
Дата: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 03:28:47 +0200 (UKR)

Шаноовний Михайле

12-Dec-2005 09:13 in
Michael Marchenko wrote to :

>Шановний Пане Сергію,
>Це я надіслав Вам цей матеріал.
>Мета надсилання цього матеріалу саме Вам полягає у наступному:
>Я шукаю щирих, чесних, не байдужих людей, які б володіли знаннями, вміннями,
>навичками, тощо щоб спробувати допомогти Україні у підвищенні її

Ви - друга людина, яка звертається до мене з таким запитом.
Вважаю його (запит) прикладом некоректно поставленої задачі.
Хоча конкурентоздатність України в світі справді треба

>Інакше Україна, скоріше за все, зникне у найближчому
>майбутньому. Те саме стосується й інших країн з перехідною економікою та
>країн, що розвиваються.

Не все так просто, не все відбувається за принцпом або/або.
Нааряд чи щезне за поганих варіантів розвитку подій, але і
не вирветься в світові лідери за сприятливих варіантів.

>Головне не у тому, що рівень знань пана Віктора Хазана відповідає, чи не
>відповідає науковому ступеню кандидата наук (хоча це також важливо), а у тому,
>щоб згуртувати наші зусилля з метою порятунку України.
>Тому, від Вас я очікую відповідей на наступні запитання:
>* Як Ви бачите найкращий спосіб допомоги Україні?

Україна загалом велика та багатовимірна. Неможливо охопити все.
Професіонали мають працювати у своїх сферах.
Я ж для себе давно вирішив - треба розвивати насамперед
громадянське супільство, як сферу найбільшої свободи.
І насамперед працювати в екологічному русі (з правозахисним
ухилом) як найважливішому.

>* Які дії у напрямку допомоги Україні Ви плануєте?

Збільшення кількості місцевих громадських екологічних
організацій, звязування їх у мережі та робочі групи,
в тому числі і електронними комунікаціями, підвищення їх якості
через навчання та спільне вироблення спільного курсу.

>* Що Ви вже зробили у цьому напрямку?
>* Як я Вам можу допомогти?

Познайомтесь у Дніпропетіровську з Едуардом Івановичем
Ключком (р.0562/266-439, 266-285 ) ,
Ларисою Георгієвною Гускіною 0562/42-10-30д,
Олегом Касічем 8 097 972-75-14

Спробуйте разом підготувати та провести громадське слухання з
енергетичної політики в другій половині січня-лютому.

>Мені особисто від Вас нічого не потрібно. Я тільки намагаюся зробити добру

Чи працювали Ви під ДОС? Ѓ ідея зробити комплект
реколмендованого ДОС-софта спеціально для громидських

>З повагою,
>Михайло Марченко.

На все добре -

Сергій Федоринчик
* Military:
The West can kill us (non-Westerners) and the West does kill us every day. We cannot kill the Westerners properly. Is this fair? We should try to get ahead in military technologies.
Every peaceful technology should be used for military purposes.
* Methods: I suggest the following plan of actions for underdeveloped countries:
- take Western hostages in developing and transitional countries
- threaten do damage the natural environment if the West does not accept our demands
- demand new technologies from the West
- demand more equity, transparency, efficiency, etc. from the West
- try to get support from our communities in the West (Ukrainians, Russians, Indians, Chinese, Indonesians, Africans, etc.)
* American Canadian Morning Star Church:
Mrs. Doreen Sears from Canada had meetings with Ukrainian youth probably approximately between 1995 and 1999 at the following address: 24 (or 26) Belhorodska Street, Dnipropetrovsk city 49005 Ukraine.
* To the University of New South Wales, Australia (

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing regarding my status.
When will my enrolment status be reconsidered in 2006?
* Health issues:
What are the criteria of assessment of my mental health?
Bellow is message from one of my psychiatrists Dr. Alex Lifinsky (E-mail:
This message may be in Russian language only. If you need full translation of this massage into English language please let me know.
He says that I am getting better and that I can do research.
Dr. Alex Lifinsky says that he knows English language, thus, you may contact him directly.
I have decided not to try to deal with Ukrainian state mental health because it seems to be too corrupt and incompetent. The evidence can be seen at
As I said before, my family and I have very little money and thus my family and I cannot afford very good private psychiatrist. Dr. Alex Lifinsky is the only private psychiatrist whom my family was able to pay.

* Academic issues:
When is the deadline for submission of my doctoral thesis in physics at the University Of New South Wales (UNSW)?
I am ready to type my doctoral thesis any time. Typing my doctoral thesis will probably take approximately two weeks. I try to study my research area as deeply as possible before typing my doctoral thesis to make sure that I make the best possible contribution. That is why I need specific deadline for submission of my doctoral thesis.
Is it possible to have access to my files, computers, libraries, scientific communities, etc. at the School of Physics of UNSW, etc? I asked for this access many times.
If I am still a Ph.D. student at the UNSW why I do not have access to my files, computers, libraries, scientific communities, etc. at the School of Physics of UNSW, etc?
* Documents from UNSW and psychiatrist:

(See the letter from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) administration to me) (my official name is Mykhaylo Marchenko):

27 June 2005

Mykhaylo Marchenko
13 Astrahanska Street
Dnipropetrovsk, 49066

Dear Mr Marchenko,
I refer to your enrolment as a PhD candidate in the School of Physics and your email responses to the show cause letter dated on 19 May 2005.

The Faculty of Science Higher Degree Committee has taken into consideration your current medical problems and the fact that you are on approved leave until the end of Session 2 2005. They have recommended that your current status will not change and that you will remain a PhD candidate at UNSW. However, your enrolment status will be reconsidered in 2006. At this point you may be required to provide medical certificates to the Committee.

Yours sincerely

Robert J King
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
Registrar and Deputy Principal

Student ID: 3011259
Program code: 1890
Reference: Nils Widjaja
Telephone (from Australia): 02 9385 3140 or from outside of Australia: 61 2 9385 3140
Letter of one of my psychiatrists:

От Кого: "Lifinsky A. P."
Тема: Re: medical reference,certificate,diagnosis:диагноз, характеристика
Дата: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 20:51:21 +0300
Кому: "Michael Marchenko"

Здравствуйте, Михаил!
Моё мнение о Вашем психическом состоянии в прошлом и настоящем остаётся прежним и по Международной классификации болезней 10-го пересмотра звучит как Параноидальное расстройство личности. В настоящее время Ваше состояние лучше, чем когда мы встречались и это характеризуется как состояние компенсации (т.е. улучшения). Были ли другие психические нарушения у Вас до нашей встречи, я не могу судить (этот диагноз говорит об устойчивых чертах характера, а временные психические нарушения бывают у любых людей, в т.ч. и со здоровыми чертами характера). При диагностике я стремлюсь установить наиболее вероятный и в то же время наиболее лёгкий диагноз (некоторые врачи грешат гипердиагностикой, а кто прав, а кто не прав наиболее точно решает время: если Вы захотите выздороветь, то обязательно у Вас это получится, а то, что общество наше психически нездорово во многом я согласен, но не согласен, что при этом надо всем болеть). Ваш диагноз лечится психотерапией (когнитивной в основном), при ухудшении состояния рекомендуются нейролептики, но самое главное - это Ваше мировоззрение, Ваша вера в бесконечную жизнь, в Бога - это, конечно, если Вы верите (для атеиста психическое здоровье не имеет особого значения - всё равно навсегда умирать - разве не всё равно).
Ваш диагноз не запрещает Вам заниматься научно-исследовательской работой, но работать с такими людьми, как Вы, действительно не всегда просто, не обижайтесь, так что Ваши коллеги действительно могут от Вас избавиться любыми способами (но не с помощью психиатров - психиатры ни одного государства не могут Вам запретить научно-исследовательскую работу).
Я готов подписать своё заключение (составьте его и отправьте мне, я подкорректирую), но оно Вам ничем не поможет ни в нашем государстве, ни за рубежом, если Вы не будете стремиться к выздоровлению.
С уважением,
Александр Лифинский.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Mykhaylo Marchenko (Mr. Michael Marchenko)
* 9-й канал:
* ЮМЗ и КБЮ:
Зачем Юлия Тимошеко показывает по телевизору (по 9-му каналу в Днепропетровске) документальные фильмы о выдающейся роли ЮМЗ и КБЮ? Ведь это далеко не так.
ЮМЗ и КБЮ относительно мало сделали в направлении укрепления обороноспособности бывшего СССР. Ведь ракеты дальнего радиуса, это сравнительно примитивные конструкции. Они ведь стреляют по району и паромах в несколько сотен метров мало что решает, ведь только воронка от термоядерного взрыва обычно примерно 20 километров в диаметре, а ударная волна сметает почти все на десятки километров.
В таких ракетах используются, в основном, классическая механика, в принципе, полностью известная сотни лет назад.
Даже системы противовоздушной обороны гораздо сложнее ракет дальнего радиуса действия.
Непосредственно ядерный заряд еще более сложен. Здесь уже применяются сложнейшие законы квантовой физики, теории относительности, …
Следует отметить, однако, что компьютерная программа, закладываемая на борт ракеты дальнего радиуса действия – довольно сложная. В Днепропетровске работали над созданием компьютерных программ для спутников-шпионов, но КБЮ и ЮМЗ видимо не создавали этих компьютерных программ, этим занимались москвичи и, отчасти, КБ «Орбита», которого сейчас уже не существует, его распродали за бесценок, как и основную часть всего имущества бывшего СССР.

* 11 канал:
Примерно 9 октября 2000 года, когда я был одним из двух делегатов от Украины на всемирный молодежный парламент в Австралии, Павел Федосов, один из руководителей 11 канала в Днепропетровске попросил меня «посадить на попку проходимца Виктора Хазана, который рассуждает об экологии». В 2005 году Павел Федосов уже отказал мне в том, чтобы я публично покритиковал Виктора Хазана и даже не захотел слушать моей не публичной критики Виктора Хазана.
Видимо 11 канала в Днепропетровске принадлежит миллиардеру Виктору Пинчуку.
Сын Виктора Хазана назвал Виктора Пинчука «аллигатором», который съедает всех своих конкурентов и вообще всех, кто ему попадается.
Получается, что сейчас Партия Зеленых Украины подружилась с «аллигатором»?

Date: 14 December 2005.
* Killing Americans, Canadians, Britons, and Australians:
After studying military, weapons of mass destruction, nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons, conventional weapons, etc. I have realized how difficult it is to kill many Americans.
It requires very powerful research and development, thousands and thousands of very smart, very well trained people, a lot of money, etc.
I have seen the stages of development of military projects. They are very complex.
Even China probably does not have proper radio- technical intelligence, proper satellites, etc.
Chinese, Arabs, etc. desperately
* Crazy people are telling the Truth?
It is often said that crazy people are telling the Real Truth. May be I am closer to the Truth than my opponents because I act as if I have no obligations to influential people, as if I have nothing else to lose, etc. may be God is speaking through mentally ill people like me (if I am mentally ill).
* устами психически больного глаголет истина:
Часто говорят, что устами психически больного глаголет истина. Возможно, если я психически болен, то я ближе к истине, чем так называемые «нормальные» люди. Я действую так, как будто мне уже нечего терять, поэтому я меньше связан какими-либо обязательствами быть хорошим с влиятельными людьми.
* Папа заболел. У папы высокая температура. Он отказывается обратиться к врачу. Надо папе позвонить и сказать, чтобы он обратился к врачу, иначе он может умереть или стать обузой для нас. Считаю, что нужно срочно установить максимально правильный диагноз и максимально правильно лечить папу.
* Interaction with women:
** Olha:
Olha who is probably seriously mentally ill, on disability pension and attends American Canadian Morning Star Church (in Ukraine) seems to be very excited about me. It may be interesting that even though she is probably mentally ill she still has sexual desires.
She wants to be my girl-friend. I explain to her that I am probably mentally ill terrorist and that will be very difficult with me but she does not listen to this. She seems to want sex and she doest not care mach about anything else.
Olha will turn 30 on Sunday, December 25, 2005 (on Christmas Day!)
I think that Morning Star Church should prepare something special on the 30-th birthday of Olha.
** Оля:
Видимо психически больная Оля, посещающая Американскую Канадскую Церковь «Утренняя Звезда» в Днепропетровске, Украина, проявляет ко мне интерес. Важно то, что хоть она и ненормальная, но половой инстинкт у нее похоже сильный, что видимо здоровый показатель.
Оля хотела покататься на эскалаторе, но эскалатор не работал и мы пошли в Еврейский «Сохнут» вместо катания на эскалаторе, но Олю в Еврейский «Сохнут» не пустили, поскольку у нее не было при себе паспорта.
На католическое и протестантское рождество в 2005 году Оле исполняется 30 лет. Надо бы ее поздравить!
** Nhel: My communication with a girl from Philippines, her name is Nhel:

Dear Nhel,
I am sincerely trying to do the right thing. I am not always doing this though.
I am trying to help you and your country. Please let me know your needs, problems, etc. I will try to help. Also, could you please let other people know about me? Perhaps I could help them as well.
See the details at
I wish you a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Kind regards,
Mike Marchenko.
От Кого: Nhel Centeno
Тема: Re: Be patient and keep on doing good!
Дата: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 23:02:12 -0800 (PST)
Кому: Michael Marchenko
Dear Mike,
How are you?
I''m so buzy this past few weeks coz of the Christmas season and we have so many preparation to do in the school but I''m trying to do my best to e-mail you once I have time to drop by in the internet cafe. Just be patient with me. I''m willing to help you... to share the goodness of God and introduce the Lord Jesus Christ to you. How I wish that everytime i go to the cafe you''re always on line but your time and mine don''t meet. Anyway I do always remember you especially in my prayers. Just keep on doing good "...for what you have done to the least of your brethren you have done it to me says the Lord".

Please check your mail once in a while and mail me too. Thanks! May the good Lord always bless you and your family. Extend my regards to them also.
In Christ,
Try to contact my cell : (+063) 921-7949016
Date: December 13, 2005.
* No international law after attack on Iraq?
After attack on Iraq on March 20, 2003 by the USA, Britain, Australia, etc. against the will of the UN we may be free from international obligations. We may attack the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, etc. if we can.
The USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, etc. can attack everybody now, including (the) Ukraine. Thus, we may need to take those Westerners who are in Ukraine now as hostages to have at least some guarantee of our safety and security.
Even existing laws are probably reflecting much more the interests of influential people and organizations than it should be at the expense of those who are vulnerable and cannot protect themselves.
Even these unfair laws have been violated by the USA, Britain, Australia, etc.
I think that we (non- Westerners) should react to this with extreme violence against the West.
* Killing all people:
Killing all people on Earth is not too difficult task. It is much easier than save lives. Thus, What the reasons on the West to perpetrate all these crimes against humanity now? Does the West have good plan and resources to kill all its opponents and survive? Has the West lost control over the situation?
Why Westerners in Ukraine are seem to be scared of something? What are they scared of?
* Critical mass of terror and chain reaction of terror:
We have probably reached Critical mass of terror and chain reaction of terror. The evidence may be the chain of … , September 11, 2001 attack on the USA, …, March 20, 2003 attack on Iraq, etc.
The most notorious serial killers and terrorists in the world are probably Westerners.
We non-westerners must make sure that no Westerners can get away with their crimes against humanity unpunished.
* Why no attack of the USA yet:
Powerful organizations probably cannot stand for the Truth because they are linked with the USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, etc. keeping their money there, having their children studying there, etc.
If ordinary people wake up they may try to bring to justice those corrupt powerful people.
* Benefits and risks of attacking the West:
It may be better to stand for our interests. Even if we fail it is better to die fighting than to die as slaves. Probably the only way to stand for our interests is to show our might. The West is too corrupt to do the right thing without external force.
It seems to me that benefits overcome the risks. Thus, we should attack the West.
See the details at
3 PM, 12 December 2005.
* American corruption?
American Mormons probably refused to help a woman to try to save life of her son who was dying of Wilson’s disease probably saying that they are not experts in medicine. Is this the evidence of corruption?
I am not an expert in medicine too but I did my best in translating these documents. I had to spend many hours. Probably American Mormons are simply lazy, spoiled, etc.
* Преждевременная Смерть людей:
Я помогаю спасти жизнь сына Светланы Всеволодовны, работающей логопедом в средней школе 52 на Тополе-1 в Днепропетровске.
Я переводил с английского языка документы, для спасения жизни ее сына.
Она мне рассказала о смерти известной в Днепропетровске женщины, Карагодиной с кафедры правоведения ДНУ. Она умерла от желудочного кровотечения в возрасте 50 лет в понедельник 5 декабря 2005 года, похороны были в среду 7 декабря 2005 года. Она была очень хорошим человеком.
У нее осталась дочь 11 лет. Отец болеет диабетом.
Если можете, помогите.
* Зрение мальчика, 11 канал:
На 11 канале Днепропетровска прошла информация о том, что мальчику (из Днепродзержинска) нужна срочная операция по восстановлению зрения и мама этого мальчика пытается сдать почку, чтобы найти деньги на операцию.
Давали контактные телефоны: (8 05692) 99547 – в Днепродзержинске, 8 – 067- 8113045 – мобильный телефон в Украине.
Прошу специалистов, богатых и влиятельных людей помочь.
* 11 канал:
Я приветствую попытки 11-го канала сделать доброе дело, помогая больным людям.
Возможно, 11 канал подготовил этот репортаж, помогая больным людям, в том числе и из-за давления с моей стороны.
23 ноября 2005 года (в среду) у меня возник конфликт с представителями 11-го канала.
Моя интерпретация этого конфликта такова:
Я пытался дать интервью 11-му каналу, поскольку я считал, что могу сказать нечто важное. Представители 11-го канала отказали мне в интервью, мотивируя это тем, что я мешал им работать. Думаю, что они и не собирались давать мне высказываться, я повод отказать мне видимо выдумали, чтобы поиздеваться надо мной. Они, видимо, меня не знали, поскольку иначе они, видимо, вели бы себя со мной вежливее.
Я от них не отставал и спровоцировал их на оскорбления, унижения, насилие. Все это происходило при свидетелях.
Журналистка (Наталья Грищенко) видимо не смогла сдержать эмоции и подавить зло внутри себя. Все это вылилось наружу.
Похоже, что Наталья Грищенко либо психически не уравновешена, либо на нее приходится слишком большая нервная нагрузка, то есть она взяла на себя слишком много.
Возможно, Наталья Грищенко специально делает зло.
Все это трудно связать с репортажем Натальи Грищенко о мощи больному мальчику.
Я не стремлюсь никого наказать. Для меня главное – поступить максимально правильно.
Считаю, что общественность должна знать об этом инциденте.
Этот инцидент иллюстрирует уровень коррупции, непрофессионализма, … в средствах массовой информации (4-й власти).
Считаю, что руководство 11-го канала должно принять меры по недопущению таких конфликтов в будущем.
See the details at
~ 12 noon Ukrainian time 12 December 2005.
* Urgent actions, weapons:
We probably need to act as soon as possible to stand for our interests otherwise the West (which getting more and more ahead of us in technologies) will probably destroy us completely.
Morning Star Church is probably one of the tools to destroy Ukraine and other non-Western countries.
Creating nuclear weapons requires joint actions of many people from many developing and transitional countries. It seems that on my own I will not be able to create and test nuclear weapons. Thus, I need help in creating nuclear weapons.
~ The main goals of my actions are the following:
* To study socio-economic and political situation in Ukraine and in the world
* To reduce waste in all forms or maximum efficiency in everything
* To increase the level of equity in the world
* To increase the level of transparency in the world
* To reduce the level of corruption in the world
* To save lives of those who are dying too early
* To avoid blood-shed and all forms of violence
* To get access to the most up-to-date technologies for all countries in the world, including the least developed countries
* Jews:
I have been accused of being Jewish and of corruption (as a Jew). I do not have any documents which could prove my Jadishness through. I have never been raised in Jewish traditions. Some people think that my family and I look Jewish.
I am probably very ambitious and this could be interpreted of having some Jewish blood. Am I right?
I am also quite stupid and this could be interpreted as evidence that I am not Jewish.
I have visited a Jewish organization ( ( here in Dnipropetrovsk city, Ukraine and I was amazed how tight the security measures are. They demand passport, they have many doors, special equipment, they checked my bag, etc.
Would anybody protect Ukrainians as they protect Jews?
So far Jews are not friendly to me he re in Dnipropetrovsk city, Ukraine. Probably Jews do not like my criticism of the USA and the West.
In New Zealand, Australia and the USA Jews were much friendlier to me probably because people in the West are considered to be more important people than people in (the) Ukraine.
Шановний Пане Сергію,
Це я надіслав Вам цей матеріал.
Мета надсилання цього матеріалу саме Вам полягає у наступному:
Я шукаю щирих, чесних, не байдужих людей, які б володіли знаннями, вміннями, навичками, тощо щоб спробувати допомогти Україні у підвищенні її конкурентноздатності. Інакше Україна, скоріше за все, зникне у найближчому майбутньому. Те саме стосується й інших країн з перехідною економікою та країн, що розвиваються.
Головне не у тому, що рівень знань пана Віктора Хазана відповідає, чи не відповідає науковому ступеню кандидата наук (хоча це також важливо), а у тому, щоб згуртувати наші зусилля з метою порятунку України.
Тому, від Вас я очікую відповідей на наступні запитання:
* Як Ви бачите найкращий спосіб допомоги Україні?
* Які дії у напрямку допомоги Україні Ви плануєте?
* Що Ви вже зробили у цьому напрямку?
* Як я Вам можу допомогти?
Мені особисто від Вас нічого не потрібно. Я тільки намагаюся зробити добру справу.
З повагою,
Михайло Марченко.
* Morning Star Church:
Pastor Deril Porter from Morning Star Church seems to be very corrupt. He probably used physical violence against me illegally, lied to me, mislead me, etc. (on January 9, 2005 (Sunday)).
He is probably also very rude to me and refuses to try to help to save life of Sveta Valiljeva who is dying of cancer of larynx or throat.
Pastor Deril Porter was probably showing me that he is not willing to talk to me on the phone. I could hear that he watches on TV or listens on radio news or something like that.
Please do investigate all this and punish those who are guilty.
Black guy Luis who is probably one of the activists of this church seems to be quite undereducated and at the same time he is probably living quite good life: He is probably married to a Ukrainian woman, has children, etc.
May be Morning Star Church pays Luis money in one form or another and/or give Luis other material benefits.
Luis seems to play the role of a security guard for Morning Star Church.
Luis probably tried to provoke me yelling at me that I was mad when I was trying to draw attention of the public to possible cases of corruption in Morning Star Church.
Probably Luis and two other black males where very rude to me and tried to provoke me to use violence, etc. near Alpha and Omega Youth Student American Center (19 Dimitrov Street, Dnipropetrovsk city 49000 Ukraine).
I consider back people as allied of all non-Westerners in their struggle to avoid extermination, slavery, etc. by the West.
Thus, my possible conflict with black people would help the West to fight against me. So, those black guys may be used to provoke my possible conflict with black people.
The West probably usually uses principle “Divide and rule.”
Perhaps these are corrupt practices.
Please do investigate that.
* Physics:
I need access to the most up-to-date literature in physics.
My incentive is to protect my country, my land from possible destruction by the West. Thus, I need to try to be at the same level with my competitors.
The West probably uses all the most up-to-date weapons against us. Thus, we need to try to possess nuclear weapons to try to protect ourselves better.
See the details at
Date: December 12, 2005 (Monday).
* Most powerful nuclear bomb:
This paper is a detailed description of technology, science, philosophy, politics, etc. during creation and testing Soviet hydrogen, nuclear bomb in 1950-s.
This paper helps me a lot in creation of nuclear bombs for terror purposes.
They still do not tell everything. Also, I need to test the nuclear bomb, hydrogen bomb, etc. I am now working on overcoming these obstacles on the way of blowing up the world.
- Research paper:
In UFN ( (, 2005, November, issue 11, 2005.
Title: RDS-37: the utmost beauty in fusion design (remarks on the 50th test anniversary of the first Soviet two-stage nuclear bomb)
G.A. Goncharov
Russian Federal Nuclear Center — All-Russian Scientific Research Institute for Experimental Physics
prosp. Mira 37, 607190 Sarov, Nizhnii Novgorod Region, Russian Federation
Tel. (7-831) 30-457 78. Fax (7-831) 30-427 29
On 22 November 1955 RDS-37, the Soviet first two-stage fusion device was tested at the Semipalatinsk Test Site, Kazakhstan, using the idea that the (primary) A-bomb explosion radiation confined by a radiation-opaque casing spreads in the casing''s interior and flows around the secondary fusion unit (''radiation implosion principle''). The strong compression the radiation creates there results in a nuclear and a thermonuclear explosion. The most powerful explosion ever to be performed at the Semipalatinsk Test Site, RDS-37 produced a life long impression on all those involved. The present paper draws on documentary sources to provide insight into the historical origin and development of the RDS-37 design idea, undoubtedly an extraordinary achievement of the former Soviet Union''s science and engineering community.

Received 18 July 2005, revised 19 September 2005
Bibliography — 22 references
* Morning Star Church:
Who told the people in Morning Star Church not to talk to me and why?

* Tania Andreeva in Morning Star Church:
Tania Andreeva probably needs a lot of help because Tania Andreeva is probably seriously mentally ill. I think that Morning Star Church should provide at least some significant enough help for Tania Andreeva.
* Девушкам:
Вы что считаете разговоры о сексе грязными? Если да, то почему? Ведь это естественно, что мужчины хотят заняться с Вами сексом, да или нет?

Вам со мной интересно общаться? Вам психи интересны?
Вы очень красивы на этой Вашей фотографии.
Дякую, що читаєте мої повідомлення. Я інтенсивно взаємодію з Вашою Дніпропетровською організацією, особливо з молодіжною.
Антон Валентинович Чернета. Т. 8 050 5026079.
Т. (056) 3722595 Лубешко Юрий Анатольович.
Я намагаюся знайти бодай одну чесну людину в Україні, на Радіо Ера FM (Ющінківці) ( мені сказали, що чесних людей в Україні немає.
Сподіваюся, що серед Вас знайдуться чесні люди. У Дніпропетровському міському штабі СДПУ(О) я детально виклав свою позицію щодо виборів, нічого не приховуючи.
Я спробую створити окремий сайт під вибори 2006 в Україні.
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* До ПЗУ (Партії Зелених України):
Чи згодні Ви зі звинуваченнями у корупції, які лунали щодо членів Вашої партії в період знаходження у парламенті з 1998 по 2002 рік? Чи підтримували Ви Кучму? Якщо так, то чому?
Чи правда те, що багато хто зі списку Вашої партії є одними з найбільших забруднювачів навколишнього середовища?
Чи ви дійсно наполягаєте на тому, що ви отримаєте приблизно 8% відсотків голосів виборців та пройдете до парламенту, подолавши бар’єр у 3%?

* До Олега Тягнибока («Свобода»):
Я не згоден з Вами, коли Ви кажете, що Україну не знищать навіть якщо Україна продовжуватиме істотно відставати в галузі новітніх технологій від розвинених країн, Росії, тощо.
Обґрунтуйте, будь-ласка, цю Вашу точку зору.
Тут наведена інформація по багатьох темах, досить хаотично.
See the details at
5 PM Ukrainian time. (11 Dec. 2005 (Sunday))
* подрались с бабушкой:
11 декабря 2005 года в воскресенье мы опять подрались с бабушкой из-за того, что бабушка пыталась пойти в церковь, а я её не пускал.

* Looking at Americans, Canadians, etc. attentively:
I go to the meeting of American Morning Star Church, Alpha and Omega Youth Student Center, etc. and look at what they do, who comes there, etc. trying to find some evidence of their corruption and if so trying to bring them to justice.
Please do join me in my investigations.
It seems that wife of Deril Porter Mrs. Molly does not laugh any more. Why is that? Is it too serious already?
Probably Wife of Mel Sayer said that they know my character and character Of Deril Porter, and they know that Deril Porter did not lie. Is this true?

* Corruption in Australia, UNSW, etc.:
Of all people I new in Australia the most corrupt people probably are: Jeff Gambin, his wife Alina, Jeff Geha, Dr. Jacinda Ginges, Professor Victor Flambaum, Professor John Storey, and Professor Alex Hamilton. Less corrupt people are probably Dr. Vladimir Dzuba, etc.

* Nuc Iraq?
Probably one of American Christians suggested using nuclear weapons against Iraq. On channel 9 in Australia some activists protested against possible use of nuclear weapons against Iraq and the commentator of channel 9 in Australia was probably making fun of these people who tried to protect Iraq.

* Dying people:
The television in Ukraine had shown some reports about very sick people dying of strokes, etc. and how rich people refuse to help as if they will always be rich, healthy, etc.
These reposts were on Inter channel in 8 PM news on Saturday, December 10, 2005 and on Channel 9 in Dnipropetrovsk city, Ukraine (same channel as New Channel probably of Mr. (Dr.) Victor Pinchuk, one of Ukrainian billionaires).
I think that this is not enough because the main things are technologies to heal people, not to become sick, healthy life-style, etc.

* Help to crazy:
I suggest to depressed people and mentally ill people to try to find interest in politics. Could this help? It seems to be more exciting than smoking, drugs, alcohol, homelessness, prostitution, crime, etc.
I am crazy myself.

* Terror Council:
I try to organize the World Terror Council where all influential terrorists of the world can talk with the most influential people in the world to try to make sure that there is no new global war, nuclear war, etc.
For example, we terrorists may officially talk with the president of the USA, Prime ministers of Britain, Canada, Australia, etc.

* To Westerners:
What I am saying is that if the Westerners are not transparent enough, do not donate enough to those people who are robbed, raped, etc. by the West, I will try to organize attack on the West with all possible means including weapons of mass destruction.

* Medical checks:
I would like to ask the people to do medical checks often enough otherwise it may be to late to cure cancer, etc. if you have any of that.

* Physics:
I need to calculate matrix elements, wave functions, Hamiltonians, etc. for my Ph.D. thesis as soon as possible in order to achieve higher level of precision than my competitors (Flambaum, Kozlov, Berengut, Porsev, Johnson, Dzuba, etc.). Thus, I need access to my files, computers, super computers, etc. at UNSW, Australia, the USA, etc.
I also urgently need resources on signal processing, pattern recognition, image processing; fractals; string theories, M-theory, Lie groups, BBN (big-bang nuclear- synthesis), etc.
If I do not finish my Ph.D. thesis in physics by December 22, 2005 I will probably be in trouble and have very serous problems with finishing my doctoral degree because I am a Ph.D. student until the end of 2005 (that is what I was probably told by the administration).

* Mental health:
From: Michael Marchenko (Mykhaylo Masrchenko).
Dear Dr. Alex Lifinski,
Could you please sign the official letter regarding my mental state? You probably mean that I am well enough mentally to do research work. My former supervisors and/or administration in Australia and I probably need your signature on this document, not just Your e-mail message.
Yours faithfully,
Michael Marchenko (Mykhaylo Masrchenko).

In Russian language:
Уважаемый Александр Павлович Лифинский,
Подпишите, пожалуйста, письмо о состоянии моей психики. Вы видимо писали, что я могу заниматься исследовательской работой. Моим коллегам и мне нужен этот документ.
Заранее спасибо,
С Уважением,
Михаил Марченко (Миша).

* Енергозабезпечення та енергозбереження:
Можливі напрямки Енергозабезпечення та енергозбереження: у Науково- Інженерному Центрі «Екологія ГЕОС» ( де я зараз працюю, створюються більш ефективні та більш незалежні від Росії системи виробництва електроенергії на Придніпровській тепловій електростанції.

See the details at

Date: December 11, 2005 (Sunday).
* Is America the worst serial killer?
According to my calculations Americans have killed approximately 100 million people all over the world directly or indirectly. If this number is close enough to the Truth, then Americans have perpetrated atrocities close to Hitler and Stalin put together. Should approximately 100 million Americans be killed?
Out of these approximately 100 million people probably very many did early of diseases like leukemia, cancer, etc.
Many of these people have been killed in warfare.
Americans have killed approximately 3 million Vietnamese. Should Vietnamese kill 3 million Americans for these American crimes against humanity?
Americans have probably poisoned Vietnam, Iraq, etc. with nuclear waste, radiation, etc.

* trying to kill Westerners:
I am trying to kill Westerners. Why is there no reaction known to me? Is it because I am right? It is because the West admits its corruption publicly? Is it because they do not care about me or they are coming after me? Do they consider me mentally ill?

* Mafia:
Are there any relationships between American Canadian Morning Star Church and Mafia? American Canadian Morning Star Church seems to be pretty confident there is no threat to them in Ukraine. Do they have links with Ukrainian government, Ukrainian mafia, Russian mafia, etc? Why did not mafia even try to kill Westerners in Dnipropetrovsk city, Ukraine? So many Ukrainians have probably been killed by mafia. Am I right?

* Mel Sayer could have been harassed by Ukrainian police?
I was told probably by Doreen sears and other people that Mel Sayer could have been harassed by Ukrainian police sometimes between 1996 and 1998.

* Nuclear bomb:
I need help in technology or uranium enrichment to get almost pure uranium- 235 for nuclear bomb, protection from radiation during production of nuclear weapons, materials which are needed to create nuclear bomb, etc. This in necessary for hydrogen bomb too. Could you please help?

* Ukraine has nuclear weapons?
Is Ukraine considered as a country which may still have nuclear weapons (on-line encyclopedia, Wikipedia (or something like that) probably says that).
Is Ukraine under threat of attack by the USA for possessing nuclear weapons as it was in Iraq?

* No biological weapons in Ukraine:
Ukraine is probably not capable of producing biological weapons now. The evidence is that Ukraine sends samples for biological analysis abroad.

* Chemical weapons?
Now I am having more doubts of Ukraine’s capability in producing chemical weapons.

* Education in terror:
I try to organize Terror University where people could get degrees in terror. For example, Master of Arts of terror, doctor of terror, bachelor of terror, honors degree in terror, etc.

* Blowing up the world:
My opponents argue that it is too difficult to blow up the world because fanatics like me are usually stupid and used by smarter people who do not want to die.
My counter argument is that I am not that stupid and there may be other people much smarter than me who are willing to punish the USA, Canada, the West , etc.
Moreover, I am trying to avoid killing people at all. I suggest to use the threat of terror as a tool to reduce the level of corruption in the West.

* доктор террористических наук:
Если удастся подготовить доктора террористических наук, то получится добрый доктор террорист (как добрый доктор Ай- Болит).
Ведь я пытаюсь готовить добрых террористов.

* Фізика:
** Критика теорії фізичного вакууму Шипова та Акімова:
"Gennady Shipov"
Информацию о моей работе Вы можете прочитать на сайте
или на сайте

Лауреат Нобелівської Премії з фізики, пан Гінзбург розкритикував Шипова та Акімова, стверджуючи, що поле кручення, навіть якщо воно взагалі існує, насправді є надзвичайно слабким. Тому, не може бути й мови про передачу інформації, виробництво енергії, торсійні генератори, тощо.
Дивіться на

* Днепро- шина, высокий уровень коррупции:
Дмитрий Семенов, 1971 года рождения, проживающий по адресу ул. Астраханская, 4 Днепропетровск, 49066 Украина, жалуется на то, что на работе у него (на местном шинном заводе Днепро- шина) очень высокий уровень коррупции руководства, дела все хуже и хуже. Рабочие понимают, что с ними поступают несправедливо, но не могут пока ничего сделать или не достаточно хотят.
Прошу в этом разобраться и, если надо, помочь рабочим (на местном шинном заводе Днепро- шина).

* Psychics:
I was told by psychics that they can stop terrorists from terror without physical violence. I saw on Australian television that psychics found missing people. Is that all true?
Some psychics claim that it is possible to kill Americans with special prayers and/or mantras.

* Tibet:
Probably German Nazis, Russian Communists, etc. tried to get some special power from Tibet. Probably during Nierenberg tribunal against German Nazis war criminals they were stopped from telling the tribunal too much about their findings in Tibet. Does it mean that they really did find something important that this is used in military, spying, etc? Is it linked to psychics?

* Many people are dying early in Ukraine:
We discussed how many people are dying early in Ukraine. It seems that the whole country is going to die very soon. How are Americans better than Stalin then?
Should Americans, Canadians, Britons, etc. pay for this genocide of Ukrainians? Is there genocide of Ukrainians now?

* Mentally ill people:
I communicate probably with mentally ill people and I see how difficult their lives are. Many of them are dying very early and very few influential people care about this genocide of mentally ill people.
Eugenia (probably mentally ill) has lost her parents; her brother had become an alcoholic after death of their parents. Eugenia and her brother are still not married even though they are over 40.
Alex (probably mentally ill) also lives a very difficult life. He has also lost his mother.

* killing=reduction of numbers of homeless people?
I was told by Professor Francis Lethem at Duke University (, The USA in 1998 or in 1999 that the main goal in dealing with homeless people is reduction of numbers of homeless people.
It seems that the West is doing a very good job in reduction of numbers of homeless people by simply killing homeless through direct killing or creating unbearable conditions of living.

* Emotional support:
I probably can try to stand for the interest of poor people because I have some level of emotional support by my family.
I do fight with my family a lot but they probably still support me at least a little bit.
If I would not have this emotional support I would probably be dead already or in such condition that I would be very sick both physically and mentally.

* Systematic:
I try to apply systematic approach and systematic thinking in terrorism.

* My accountability:
I am trying to prepare for the worst possible suffering that only exists. I think that my opponents will not forgive me what I did. I think this suffering will be very painful but I must go though this suffering and to die if it is necessary to stand for the Truth. At the moment I do not see where I am significantly wrong. Since I have not been given any unofficial information I expect murder, torture, mental hospital, prison, homelessness, etc.
If I am killed I would like my organs to be donated to save lives of the people. If I am killed, I hope I will be killed in such way that my organs are not damaged significantly and can be used for transplants.

See the details at

Date: 10 December 2005.

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