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Дата: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 09:18:55 +1100
Кому: Michael Marchenko

Dear Mykhaylo,

Thank you for your email. I confirm that your email has been received.

Graduate Research School is currently investigating your case and will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Nils Hardi Widjaja
Research Administration Officer
Graduate Research School
The University of New South Wales
Sydney, NSW 2052 AUSTRALIA
Phone: (+61) (2) 9385 4890
Fax: (+61) (2) 9385 6238

Cricos Provider: 00098G
IMPORTANT: The content of this email message and any documents attached to it,
may be priviledged and confidential. Any unauthorised use is strictly prohibited.
If you receive this electronic mail in error, please accept my apologies and delete it.
Thank you.
От Кого: Annie Andrews
Тема: RE: Annie Andrews:response as soon as possible preferably before Friday December 23
Дата: Fri, 23 Dec 2005 10:23:44 +1100
Кому: Michael Marchenko

HI Michael,
I have been talking with the university about your PhD candidature and I am sure that someone will be in touch with you very soon in the New Year to communicate about your request to re-enrol following your academic leave.

There is now a Graduate Research School established to assist graduate research students and they will be handling your re-enrolment application. Here is the web link for the Graduate Research School.

Have a read of the information and then just wait for someone from the GRS to get in touch with you about the 2006 academic year.

I will forward your email to me to my contact in the GRS so that they are aware of your concerns.

Have a good Xmas and a good holiday.

Annie Andrews
Director, Counselling Service
Level 2 East Wing Quadrangle Building
The University of New South Wales
NSW 2052
Tele: 02 9385 5418
Fax: 02 9385 6115
Counselling Service Email
UNSW CRICOS Provider Code: 00098G
IMPORTANT: This e-mail, including any attachments, may contain private or confidential information. If you think you may not be the intended recipient, or if you have received this e-mail in error, please contact the sender immediately and delete all copies of this e-mail. If you are not the intended recipient, you must not reproduce any part of this e-mail or disclose its contents to any other party.
My Statement of purpose or statement motivation, etc. for my application documents to Central European University, Budapest city, Hungary (

I am applying for 2 programs:
1. Ph.D. Program in mathematics and its applications.
2. Masters program in environmental science and policy.

* Main goals: My main goals include increasing of competitiveness of Ukrainian economy and economies of other transitional and developing countries to try to get rid of their dependence on developed countries, to improve transparency, accountability, equity, and to reduce corruption in the world.
* Methods: mathematics, logic, terror
* Preliminary conclusions: to improve economic situation in developing countries probably robbed by the West probably significantly due to its corruption, terror may help to reduce corruption in the West (the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia, etc.) by creating threat to developed countries; if the West is too corrupt then terror against the West is justified.
* Evidence (proof) of the preliminary conclusions can be seen above and/or bellow.
- Explanation:
I probably have very many different ideas on different topics and I am trying to show that I am aware of many things. Sometimes it results in chaotic presentation of information, jumping from one subject to another.
I am trying to be more systematic putting all these different complex ideas into one simple and beautiful system.
Bellow and/or above is a bullet plan of what methods may be important and/or feasible to learn and/or apply.
Some of these bullets are just questions or ideas, or statements which must be answered/developed better. I may be able to develop those ideas and answer those questions during and after my studies.
There may be more methods which I do not know yet and/or there may be more relevant and/or more feasible methods to use in public health.
If I am not specific enough in explaining how to help Australia and Indonesia, this probably means that I need to learn more about public health, acquire new skills, experience, etc.
What I write here is significantly taken from the literature and I will try to attach the reference list (……..).
* My future career plans (see,

My future career plans encompass the following:
** grow as a professional in weapons of mass destruction, in particular in nuclear weapons (I am a rocket scientist);
** trying to prevent drain of resources from Ukraine: brain-drain, human resources drain, natural resources drain, financial resources drain, etc.
** finishing my Ph.D. study programs in Australia, the United States, (the) Ukraine, etc.,
** learning methods, skills, etc. of warfare for equity (see attached information for details);
** helping to create powerful enough opposition to the Unites States in the world:
*** fighting corruption mainly in the United States;
*** spread nuclear weapons technology, nuclear missiles technologies, and satellite technologies for military purposes, etc.
*** information attacks mainly on the United States and the West;
*** (fair) terror against the United States and the West

* Women drain from Ukraine (human resources drain from Ukraine):
Many Ukrainian women marry Americans, Westerners in general and leave Ukraine.
It seems that Western media, in particular BBC try to facilitate this Women drain from Ukraine (human resources drain from Ukraine).
I am trying to study this issue very thoroughly. So thoroughly that some Ukrainian women even share with me how exactly they had sex with Americans.

See additional attached information (,
6 PM, 22 December 2005.
* Physics, Ph.D.:
Dear Sir/Madam,
Please confirm the receipt of this message.
I need your response as soon as possible preferably before Friday December 23, 2005 (Friday December 23, 2005 is probably the last working day before holiday(s) (Christmas and New Year) plus time difference between Sydney city, Australia and Ukraine is 9 hours (Ukraine is 9 hours behind)) because I need to make urgent decisions regarding my work as a Ph.D. candidate.
According to the official documents of the University Of New South Wales (UNSW) I may lose my status of a Ph.D. student at UNSW early January of 2006.
Please let me know if you need translation of any documents to English language.
This is my response to letter of Dr. Vladimir Dzuba (see his letter to me bellow (in Russian language written with Latin letters)) and to no responses from the officials of the University of New South Wales (UNSW).
As far as I remember Dr. Vladimir Dzuba refused to be one of my supervisors. Now he says that he (or they (probably with Professor Flambaum who also refused to be one of my supervisors, etc.)) can look though my proposal for my Ph.D. thesis and see whether I am capable to finish my Ph.D. or not.
How can Dr. Vladimir Dzuba say that I will not believe him when he says that I am not able to finish my Ph.D. thesis? How can he know that? I try to believe in every statement if I see enough evidence to support this statement no matter how painful it is for me to accept the truth.
I agree that my previous proposal for the Ph.D. thesis could be too ambitious but I probably must know much more than my Ph.D. thesis contains to write good enough Ph.D. thesis that was why I tried to cover as many topics as possible.
Text of my proposal significantly depends on the deadline of submission of final draft of my doctoral thesis for assessment whether I deserve doctoral degree in physics or not, on access to the facilities (libraries, computer systems, my files at UNSW, etc.), on having supervisors or not, on having access to academic communities, etc.
Letter from Dr. Vladimir DZUBA (in Russian language using Latin letters :)
* Ph.D.:
От Кого: Vladimir DZUBA
Тема: Re: my status
Дата: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 19:48:45 +1100
Кому: Michael Marchenko

Zdravstvuyte Misha,

Ya rad, chto vashe sostoyanie uluchshilos. Nadeyus uluchshenie budet

O vashem statuse ya mogu sudit tolko po tem dokumentam, kotorye vy sami mne
preslali. To est ya znayu ne bolshe vas. Tem ne menee u menya est serioznye
somneniya, chto vy mozhete napisat dissertatsiyu. Ya vam uzhe ob etom pisal. Vy
mne togda ne poverili - ne poverite i seychas. Poetomu u menya est takoe
predlozhenie: napishite hotya by stranitsu svyaznogo teksta, imeyuschego
otnoshenie k vashey dissertatsii. Pust eto budet libo plan dissertatsii, libo
nachalo vvedeniya. Posle etogo posmotrim.

Nadeyus, vy ponimaete, chto tot plan, kotoryi vy rassylali kakoe to vremya
nazad, nikuda ne goditsya. Eto byl skoree plan na 3-4 Nobelevskie premii (esli
ego vypolnit) chem na odnu PhD.

Vsego horoshego,

Vladimir Dzuba
I am still working on this proposal. This is not final draft. Could you please suggest something useful on these drafts?
* Proposal in atomic physics:
- Topic: Many-body theory and variation of fundamental constants of nature.
* Why area of my research has a lot of potential:
** Standard Model:
I probably need to mention Standard Model in physics, its problems, creating new physics, and possible role of my work in creating of new physics (multi-dimensional theories, limits on variation of fundamental physical constants, etc. to try to describe physical processes better than the Standard Model).
* What had been done by other people on this topic (Berengut, Kozlov, Druba, Johnson, etc?)
* What exactly I should do in my doctoral thesis.
I plan to write proposal for Dr. Vladimir Dzuba focusing mainly on the method of calculations of energy levels of different atoms and ions using Hartree – Fock method, configuration interaction method, and many-body perturbation theory, etc.
Methods: Hartree – Fock method, configuration interaction method, and many-body perturbation theory, etc.
Here I plan to stick to the four papers in Physical Review (2002-2004-2005) where I am a co-author (see
I will try to suggest useful ideas to increase precision of these calculations.
The main researchers on this topic are Julian Berengut, Mikhail Kozlov, Vladimir Dzuba, and Johnson. Thus, the proposal can be formulated as study of works of the aforementioned academics and researchers.
The main idea is to calculate energy levels of different atoms and ions as precisely as possible using Hartree – Fock method, configuration interaction method, and many-body perturbation theory, etc. for different values of fine structure constant (fine structure constant is embedded into the computer code and can be varied there). By varying fine structure constant in the computer code and doing calculations for many values of fine structure constant we get dependency of energy levels of different ions and atoms on fine structure constant. In this may we may see the variation of fine structure constant in time and/or space.
Now I cannot do proper calculation myself. Thus, I can try to suggest some ideas only on the basis of analysis of literature and my previous experience of calculations.
The main possible ways of increasing the precision of these calculations:
-- Using more basis functions and allowing more excitations (this would require more computer power)
-- More precise Hamiltonian:
* More precise assessment of all correlations (valence- valence correlation(s), core-valence correlation(s), etc.)
* More precise assessment of polarization of vacuum
* More precise assessment of Breit correction
* etc.
-- Perhaps it is possible to use more precise equation than Dirac equation
The doctoral thesis on this topic should probably contain two main parts:
1. Cosmological variation of fine structure constant
2. Variation of fine structure constant in laboratory experiments

- Computer code:
One of the goals is to try to create an alternative computer code (computer programs, software, etc.) of calculations of energy levels of atoms and ions. This could give additional verification of the results of other researchers on this topic.

See , for details.
* Девушке:
Видимо Вы нуждаетесь в эмоциональной поддержке, а может быть Вам интересно общаться с таким необычным человеком, как я.
Я пытаюсь закончить докторскую диссертацию по ядерной физике и по атомной физике в Австралии и США, а также пытаюсь применить мои знания в оборонной сфере для создания оружия массового поражения (ядерного оружия, а так же принципиально нового оружия). Это все крайне сложные задачи даже для выдающихся личностей. Поэтому я сейчас в очень большом напряжении.
Но, в то же время, Я пытаюсь помогать людям совершенно бесплатно, жертвуя моими собственными интересами, однако вчера меня просто заставили взять литровую банку меда за мою работу. Это сделала Люда, которой я помогаю по физике и по математике. Меня иногда заставляют принимать вознаграждение за работу, хотя я отказываюсь.
* Папе срочно нужно 1500 долларов США на зубы до среды 28 декабря 2005 года и еще 1500 долларов США позже (всего 3000 долларов США на зубы). Врач Мария Михайловна Манухина. Ее телефон (38 0 562) 524384, адрес: Проспект Петровского, 47 Днепропетровск 49000 Украина.
* Helping Victor Marchenko:
My father Victor Marchenko urgently needs money to fix his health: mental health, teeth, etc. He is very capable, honest, pure, and hard working man. He is 61 years old. Now in Ukraine people like that are probably not valued enough because almost everybody in Ukraine just tries to survive and do not have time, energy, wisdom, etc. to do the right thing.
Not saving lives of people like that is probably wasteful because Victor Marchenko can do a lot of intellectual work very well.
I am in constant conflict with him because I try to support terrorists and he supports governments and business.
Victor Marchenko is probably one of many deserving people who need help.
If you are willing to help deserving people who desperately need help please contact me at E-mail:, URL:, telephone numbers: (38 0 562) 960138, (38056) 3702691, (38 0 56) 3708958.

* Виктор Марченко (мой отец) нуждается в срочной медицинской помощи (стоматолога, хирурга, психиатра, …). Ему 61 год. Он может сделать очень много интеллектуальной работы на очень высоком уровне. В Украине сейчас такие люди не достаточно ценятся видимо из-за отчаянного положения, в котором оказалась Украина, где люди отчаянно стремятся хоть как то выжить и им трудно думать о том, чтобы поступать правильно.
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