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will never 
Russia as equal 
pOLiTicS     16
OpiniOn     17
STReeT chic       18
     № 19 (70) / 18 - 24 May 2012                            since 1997                                                                                            The First Bilingual Newspaper
RuSSiA LAuncheS 3 TO iSS in News 
The Russian public believes 
the Nato alliance is playing 
a foul game that threatens 
the country’s security, says 
Yevgeny Shestakov.
The Telegraph 
Russia’s duty on crude oil 
exports for June will decline 
by 6.4 percent to $419.8 from 
$448.6 per tonne in May 
after oil prices weakened, 
calculations by the finance 
ministry and Reuters showed.
Media reports suggesting 
that Kosovo officials have 
established contact with 
the Syrian opposition to 
train Syrian militants in the 
secessionist province are 
causing alarm, the Russian 
Ambassador to the UN 
said.»The training of militants 
would run counter to the 
Revin, Padalka & Acaba
efforts of the UN and Arab 
League special envoy, which 
are supported by the entire 
international community,» 
said Vitaly Churkin, speaking 
Their Soyuz TMA-04M capsule 
intense with 40 experiments 
five months since their December 
at a session of the Security 
was successfully delivered into 
planned on the Russian segment of 
Council devoted to the 
orbit, with the rocket stages 
the station alone.
Together, the crew is set to have 
situation in Kosovo.
detaching as planned, and all the 
Russia’s space programme has 
the historic task of receiving the 
     wo Russians and an  crew were feeling good, mission 
been beset by a litany of technical 
first ever cargo consignment for the 
American on Tuesday 
control said.
problems which have led to the 
ISS delivered by a private company.
blasted off for the 
They are due to arrive at the 
loss of a half dozen satellites and 
Russia’s economy grew last 
space station after a two-day 
vehicles over the last year, including 
Private firm SpaceX is seeking to 
quarter at the fastest pace 
international Space 
journey on Thursday morning.
a Progress cargo vessel bound for 
launch its Dragon spacecraft on May 
since the three months ended 
Station (iSS) on a Soyuz 
Russia is now the sole nation 
the ISS.
19 from Cape Canaveral, Florida in 
September 2011, suggesting 
rocket in Russia’s first 
capable of transporting humans to 
The Soyuz rockets - the workhorse  what the company hopes will be the 
the world’s biggest energy 
the ISS after the withdrawal of the 
of the Russian space programme 
first step toward an eventual private 
exporter is more resilient 
manned space launch 
US shuttle but this blast-off was the  and the direct descendant of the 
manned mission to the station.
to Europe’s debt crisis than 
for almost five months 
first manned flight from Baikonur 
rocket that took Yuri Gagarin into 
Padalka, who is making his fourth 
economists estimated.
Russians Gennady 
since December 21.
space in 1961 - were grounded after  space flight, is one of Russia’s most 
the Progress crashed into Siberia 
experienced and decorated active 
padalka and Sergei 
Technical problems
after launch.
cosmonauts who has already spent 
Revin and American 
585 days in space and made eight 
At the upcoming Asia-Pacific 
The launch had been delayed by 
However all manned launches 
Economic Cooperation 
Joseph Acaba started 
one-and-a-half months after the 
since Russia resumed using the 
He made his first space flight back 
summit in Vladivostok, Russia 
their journey on top of 
spacecraft the three spacemen 
Soyuz have been textbook and 
in 1998, serving on the now defunct 
will sign an anti-poaching 
the Russian Soyuz FG 
were initially to use in the mission 
Russian space station Mir. He flew 
agreement with Japan and 
rocket under crystal-
was shown in testing not to be 
On board the ISS, the three 
to the ISS again in 2004 followed 
China to protect Far East crab 
hermetically sealed and could not 
newcomers will join Russian 
by another long duration mission in 
populations, after a similar 
clear skies from Russia’s  be used for safety reasons.
cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, Nasa 
agreement with South Korea 
Baikonur cosmodrome 
As a result, their mission has been  astronaut Don Pettit and Dutch 
Acaba had previously made one 
has shown good results, a 
in Kazakhstan, an AFp 
cut down to 126 days but according 
astronaut Andre Kuipers who have 
shuttle flight while Revin is making 
federal fisheries official said.
to Padalka it will be extremely 
already been on the station almost 
his first trip into space.
The Moscow Times 
correspondent said.
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