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18 - 24 May 2012
A nation that cannot control its borders is 
not a nation.
Ronald Reagan
Migration Migraine
flow of highly qualified labor into 
compatriots between 2007 and 
Russia accounts for a little over 
2012 actually drew fewer than 
                  hile Russia’s 
20,000 specialists per year. A recent  10,000 people, as the organizers 
newly inaugurated 
survey of 4,000 university students 
failed to guarantee appropriate 
President Vladimir Putin 
conducted by Pricewaterhouse-
housing or jobs for many of those 
may be facing a myriad 
Coopers found that only eight 
who returned. Migrant workers, 
of complex issues, 
percent of foreign graduates would 
especially from former Soviet states, 
ranging from the brain 
consider coming to work in Russia.
have been filling the gap. «Setting 
drain to unfavorable 
Troitskaya said demand for 
up tests for non-professional 
low-skilled migrant labor is driven 
migrant workers will solve nothing,» 
demographics, he has, 
primarily by wage-dumping and 
said Karomat Sharipov, the head 
for the time being, zeroed 
not by real deficits on the labor 
of the Tajik Migrant Labor group. 
in on fixing the country’s 
market, citing surveys that show 
“Ninety percent of those who wish 
broken immigration policy.
that migrants usually earn less and 
to work in Russia cannot even afford 
work harder than Russian citizens. 
to pay for such an examination. And 
By Tai AdelAjA
And while many Russians happily 
they need Russia as much as Russia 
use such cheap migrant labor 
needs them.»
In one of his sweeping executive 
extensively for business and private 
orders issued on Monday, Putin said 
needs, they are less accommodative 
Supported by russiaprofile.org 
federal and regional authorities 
of the migrants themselves. «The 
must introduce mandatory testing 
slogan ‘Russia for ethnic Russians!’ 
said. When Putin addressed a 
as a lightning rod for political 
for migrant workers in subjects 
is becoming increasingly popular: 58 
session of the Federal Migration 
mobilization. Migrant workers are 
Aphorisms for   
like the Russian language, Russian 
percent supported this idea in 2011 
Service in February, he brought 
routinely assigned the blame for 
history and the basics of Russian 
compared with 43 percent in 1998,» 
Every Day
with him proposals for tightening 
unresolved social and economic 
legislation. Highly qualified foreign 
Troitskaya said. «The share of those 
immigration law, including language  problems, including unemployment, 
workers will be exempt from the 
who think that immigration should 
By Leonid S. Sukhorukov
tests and cracking down on the use 
corruption and crime. However, 
tests, which Putin said must take 
be restricted grew from 45 percent 
of fictitious registration addresses. 
leading immigration experts like 
off by November 2012 at the latest. 
in 2002 to 64 percent in 2011, and 
About 13.8 million foreigners and  Olga Troitskaya have suggested that 
What is liberty? Being captured 
Putin also instructed the Russian 
in Moscow the number grew to 78 
stateless people legally arrived in 
the economic costs of migration 
by creativity.
government to prepare draft laws 
Russia last year, among them 9.7 
for Russia are broadly perceived 
that will toughen punishments for 
Such statistics appear to have 
million citizens of CIS countries, 
to outweigh the benefits. It is 
violating Russia’s immigration laws 
persuaded the Kremlin to toughen 
Konstantin Romodanovsky, the head  estimated that the federal budget 
Each finest hour is the moment 
and submit them before December 
the country’s immigration laws. 
of the Federal Migration Service 
loses about $10 billion a year as 
which belongs to eternity.
At a February 7 meeting with his 
(FMS), told journalists in February. 
a result of tax evasion by migrant 
The tough measures, the Kremlin 
campaign representatives, Putin 
Of the legal immigrants, about 2.7 
workers in addition to indirect costs 
said, should help define Russia’s 
gave his support to lawyers who 
The love to travel dwells with 
million were from Ukraine, about 
from the lack of control over labor 
foreign affairs.
relations with other nations, 
want to impose criminal liability on 
two million from Uzbekistan, less 
and technological standards, she 
prevent international conflicts and 
multiple immigration rule offenders. 
than 1.5 million from Kazakhstan 
“provide effective mechanisms 
«Otherwise this process will never 
and just less than one million from 
The migration flow from Russia’s 
Even the sun blushes when it 
to resolve them,» RIA Novosti 
end,» Interfax quoted Putin as 
Tajikistan. Azerbaijan, Moldova, 
near abroad is heavily tilted toward 
reported. However, Putin’s resolve 
saying. «The person will know 
Kyrgyzstan and Armenia all had in 
low-skilled workers. «Over the 
to reform the immigration system 
that he will go to prison instead 
the neighborhood of half a million 
past decade, Russia experienced 
may have taken shape way back in 
of his home country.» Experts 
each, according to a presentation by  an inflow of labor migrants that 
Master your prejudices or 
December of 2010, when a deadly 
say, however, that a tough stance 
become their slave.
the FMS chief.
amounts to about ten percent of 
brawl between ethnic Chechens 
alone cannot cure the Kremlin’s 
In the past, Russian politicians 
its overall manpower,» Troitskaya 
and Slavs triggered a nationalist riot 
immigration headache unless it 
never shied away from using 
said. «It is only natural that while 
The best lesson is always the 
near the Kremlin, political observers 
can halt the country’s shrinking 
the influx of migrant workers 
about 80 percent of Russians seek 
population or attract compatriots 
missed one.
college degrees, low-skilled niches 
living overseas back to Russia. 
in the labor market are being filled 
A special program set up to 
by immigrants.» Meanwhile, the 
bring back as many as 300,000 
Heaven for humanity means hell 
for the climate change.
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